Frequently asked questions

Introduction is where you can easily find and compare information on clinics offering dental implants. Our mission is to help people review clinics from all over the globe and find the one best for themselves. We deliver practical information about each clinic and its offer – and give our users the opportunity to compare various locations and facilities. We believe this makes coming to a decision much easier.

Clinic profile

  1. Is it possible to add my clinic to the database? How to do that?
    YES, you can easily add your clinic by completing the questionnaire you receive from us. If you would like to add your clinic to our database, write to us at: We will send you the questionnaire. Complete it and send us back. The form must be fully completed. We enter your data to our website.
  2. How to claim an existing clinic entry as yours?
    You cannot claim an existing clinic entry as yours. All clinics’ profiles are managed by IVF Media Admin.
  3. Is it possible to list multiple clinics in one account?
    YES – provided that all clinics listed are divisions of the same institution. The option is available to clinic networks only. Each individual clinic may be entered into the database once only.
  4. How much does it cost to list a clinic on
    Adding your clinic to database is free of charge.
  5. What type of data can be added to allows you to add the clinic’s contact information, graphic and/or video materials, descriptions and specifications on medical procedures performed by the clinic.
  6. When and how can I change/update clinic’s information?
    Clinic’s information can be updated at any time. Changes can be made by sending an updated questionnaire to:

Clinics search engine

  1. How can users find my clinic on
    The main tool for finding clinics on is the website’s browser based search engine.
  2. What search criteria are there? allows users to browse clinics by:
    – Destination: Country or City
    – Treatment options
  3. How are search results displayed on
    Search results are displayed as a listing of ten per page, giving the clinic’s full name along with some basic general information.
  4. What determines the order in which clinics are displayed in search results?
    Search results are displayed in an order determined by the administrator.
  5. Why is my clinic NOT displayed on the FIRST page of search results?
    Normally, search results are listed alphabetically, however, it is possible to position your clinic in the search results order. Find out how to ensure proper positioning in the database browser.
  6. Can I influence my clinic’s position in browser’s search results?
    YES, you can purchase top search results positioning for a specified period of time.
  7. Can I purchase a particular position of my clinic’s record on search results listing?
    NO, you cannot purchase a particular position in search results displayed on main page.
  8. Can I make my clinic stand out from others in search results?
    YES, you can make your clinic stand out from others in search results if you:
    – Verify and/or update clinic’s information regularly – so that your record becomes clearly marked with a Trusted Clinic Certificate;
    – Add images and/or graphics and/or videos – so that a thumbnail of your record becomes visible in the listing
    – See also: advertising opportunities at
  9. How can users sort search results?
    Users cannot sort clinics listing displayed on the homepage. Nor can they sort clinics presented for a given country.


  1. All users can add reviews of clinics.
    To add your review please select a clinic and press the Add a Review button.
  2. My clinic was given a negative review – how should I respond?
    The editorial team moderates all opinions and comments posted on our page as reviews. We check all posts to make sure that they are true and come from bona fide patients. We invite clinics to respond to all patient feedback directly. We encourage you to answer negative reviews in an open, honest and respectful manner.
  3. Can reviews be deleted?
    NO, authentic opinions cannot be deleted. The editorial team checks on all comments posted on our page as reviews.
  4. Will I receive an email notification whenever a new review of my clinic is posted?
    NO, the editorial team does not notify clinics of new reviews recently posted on the website. However, any reviews which may be deemed negative shall be verified with the clinic in question.
  5. What is the procedure of verifying a review – and of its possible subsequent removal from
    Whenever a negative review is posted, the editorial team will contact both the reviewer, and the clinic in question. If the patient chooses to withdraw a review, will respect that decision. Should we find a review is based on facts and the patient will not change his decision about publishing his review, it shall remain published. However, we perceive clinics as essential partners in the process of communicating with patients and verifying opinions expressed by them.

The Trusted Clinic Certificate

  1. What is a Trusted Clinic Certificate?
    The Trusted Clinic Certificate guarantees that all information about a given clinic available through is fully transparent, reliable and complete.
  2. How and when can I receive a Trusted Clinic Certificate?
    The Trusted Clinic Certificate is awarded to any clinic which provides information on in an accurate, exhaustive and transparent manner. It allows users to easily access high-quality information about clinics and services. verifies all data prior to certification. A certificate is granted for the period of one year and can be renewed annually.
  3. Can I use my Trusted Clinic Certificate for marketing purposes?
    YES, your clinic is welcome to make use of the Trusted Clinic Certificate for marketing purposes during the one-year certification period.
  4. Do I have to pay for the Trusted Clinic Certificate?
    NO, the Trusted Clinic Certificate is free of charge.
  5. How long will my clinic be marked as awarded the Trusted Clinic Certificate?
    The certificate is awarded for a period of one year – taken from the day of the final clinic verification on
  6. How long can I use the Trusted Clinic Certificate outside website?
    Your clinic is welcome to make use of the Trusted Clinic Certificate for external marketing purposes during the one-year certification period.
  7. What should I do to receive, prolong or renew my Trusted Clinic Certificate?
    To prolong or renew your Trusted Clinic Certificate you need to provide with any requested data – including complete, accurate and transparent information about your clinic as well as about medical services it offers.

Contact with patients

  1. Does mediate in communication between clinics and patients? provides patients with clinics’ contact information so that they can contact them themselves.
  2. Does monitor clinic-patient communications?
    NO, does not monitor communications between clinics and patients. However, should a clinic repeatedly ignore questions and requests from patients and/or, it may be removed from the database by the moderator.
  3. Does charge clinics for enquiries submitted by patients?
    YES, charges clinics for enquiries submitted by patients.

Articles section

  1. What are Articles?
    Articles are text, video or graphic materials containing useful information on dental implants. They are authored either by experts or the clinics (after prior approval from the editorial team).
  2. Who can post materials in the Articles section?
    Articles are posted by the editorial team. Clinics interested in publishing articles of their own need to contact editorial team first.
  3. How to post materials in the Articles section?
    Please send a draft of your article to editorial team. They will edit the article and publish it, making it available to all users.
  4. What can the Articles be about?
    The Articles may be on any topic related to dental implants.
  5. What types of materials can be posted in the Articles section?
    Any type of material that can up uploaded digitally – such as text, images, graphics, videos, etc. – can be posted in the Articles section.
  6. What is the maximum size/length of an Article allowed?
    There is no maximum size/length of an article. The final decision on whether to post an Article or not rests with the editorial team. If the material does not meet requirements set, the editorial team will likely give you feedback and suggest necessary changes or corrections.
  7. Does charge clinics for posting their materials in the Articles section?
    YES, charges clinics for posting their materials in the Articles section.
  8. How can I make my article more visible?
    There are several things you can do to make your article more visible:
    – Make sure that your article is TAGGED. The most popular TAGs are shown on the homepage.
    – Assign your article to a specific category which users may find interesting.
    – Publicise your article among your clients and friends know about your article, and encourage them to add comments.
    – Purchase a direct hyperlink in the Recent Articles section of homepage.
  9. Can I add my comments to an article?
    YES, you are welcome to comment all articles posted at

Advertising opportunities

  1. Can I buy ads at
    YES, you can buy different types of ads at
  2. What types of advertising are available to clinics at
    Advertising opportunities available to clinics:

    1. Destination Media Pack gives you the most powerful advertising:
      1. Dental Implants CITY campaign
      2. Dental Implants COUNTRY campaign
    2. Find your Clinic with Ease – All Inclusive High Quality Enquiry Media Pack
    3. Other advertising services:
      1. a featured listing
      2. banner advertising
      3. full-page advertisement

What is a High Quality Enquiry (HQE)?

The HQE is a genuine referral from a person looking for a specific treatment, in a particular location. Our users choose a specific clinic before making their enquiry. Delivered direct to clinics, our enquiries are specific, relevant and timely. sells packs of enquiries to clinics who are interested in treating more patients. Enquiries are delivered by email direct from users.

Another source of the HQE is the questionnaire in which the patient defines any expectations concerning the clinic. Questions are grouped in following sections:

  1. My situation
  2. My medical history
  3. Preferred Treatment Options
  4. Preferred destination & Budget
  5. Treatment time
  6. Personal details
  7. My Questions

IVF Media consultant analyses the patient’s enquiry and chooses three clinics, which meet with his expectations. The consultant makes the choice only from among those clinics which have bought the HQE Pack. After a careful selection a Consultant sends the Patients enquiry to maximum of 3 clinics. The patient awaits a personalised offer based on the conveyed data within 24 hours. The Clinic answers patient’s questions and transfers the personalised offer. After the month ends, IVF Media sends a report to the clinic. Each questionnaire transferred to the clinic lowers the subscription charge by the cost of one enquiry.

N.B: An enquiry is not a confirmed patient. It is the clinic’s responsibility to follow up on all enquiries. The patient will make the final decision about where they purchase treatment.

What is an HQE Pack?

We have a very simple pricing model. Enquiries from users usually start at around €20 each. We sell enquiries in packs. A clinic assigns a budget, and receives a flow of enquiries direct from patients until the budget runs out. There are no management fees or extra charges, clinics pay only for results. If you would like more enquires per day, flexible pricing means you can control the flow of enquiries you get. We’re happy to talk you through it, and we have a starter pack if you’d like to see how it works first hand.

  1. How much does it cost to get patient enquiries from
    It depends on the offer you choose. Enquiries start from around €20 each, and are sold in packs. Email or call us at +44 020 3286 8744for a personalised quote. You can buy a small starter pack if you want to try out the service. Contact our sales team for more info on
  2. This enquiry is for a treatment I don’t offer. Can I get a refund?
    YES, you can get a refund, if you use the All Inclusive offer.
  3. This enquiry was a no-show. Can I get a refund?
    YES, you can get a refund, if you use the All Inclusive offer.
  4. I received several enquiries from the same person. Will I be charged?
    NO, not if you use the All Inclusive offer.
  5. I had an enquiry for a brand-name treatment which I do not offer. Can I have a refund?
    YES, you can get a refund, if you use the All Inclusive offer.
  6. An enquiry was made for a named treatment that we do not offer. Are we entitled to a refund?
    YES, you can get a refund, if you use the All Inclusive offer.
  7. An enquiry was made that we deemed to be ‘high risk’. Can I have a refund?
    YES, you can get a refund, if you use the All Inclusive offer.
  8. How do ad sales work at
    Ad sales are processed by customer services.
    If you would like to get to know our team, go to the ADVERTISING section.
  9. For what periods of time are the ad spaces sold at
    Each ad space is sold for a 1-month period, a multiple thereof or for a 1-year period.


  1. How to enter?
    To enter the Dental Clinic Award all applicants must read and understand the Terms and Conditions and complete the Entry Form for your chosen category. Applicants must be authorised to enter their organisation into the awards programme. Participation in the Dental Clinic Award is by the official entry forms only, available at By lodging your submission, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of entry. Entries must be in English.
  2. Who can enter?
    Dental Implants Clinics
  3. What are the entry requirements?
    All entries for consideration must be lodged via e-mail: and include the required information. Only Word forms will be accepted. IVF Media reserves the right to declare any entry ineligible, if, during the term of the award process, your entry form is incomplete, deficient, false or misleading in any way. Your entry will be allocated to the Dental Clinic Award category, based on your entry form. You must be web-enabled at least one of the IVF Media websites. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide the relevant information for their entry. Entries for more than one award may be submitted, but separate entry forms, and supporting statements and background materials for each application are required. We strongly advise companies that each award entry form should be unique, and we do not encourage the cut and pasting across Award categories.
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