Affordable Dental Implants in Europe

Affordable and dental implants in one sentence? Yes! Although it almost seems impossible, you can have affordable dental implants at modern European dental clinics. You might be wondering if cheap means low quality. Well, not necessarily. Read on to find out how to find cheapest dentist in Europe.

Why dental implants outside Europe and Asia are expensive?

Have you ever thought about the cost of running a dental office in London, Berlin or New York? They can be really high. Unfortunately, dental offices and clinics in the UK or US are expensive to keep: rent, bills, employees’ salaries, etc. That is why the cost of a single dental implant in the UK oscillates between EUR 1,500 and 2,600 and the average price for a single dental implant is EUR 1,988! That’s expensive!

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Why so expensive? Very often the total cost of dental implant covers many implant parts. For instance, if a single tooth implant cost is EUR 2,600, this price may cover, apart from the actual titanium root, the connector and the crown. You should know you are also paying for the British oral surgeon’s know-how, years of experience, time and assurance that the treatment results will be top quality. There are also many other factors which add value to the dental care provided: for example modern expensive equipment, well-paid and qualified staff, etc.

Why dental implants in Europe are cheap?

Dental clinics from European countries such as Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland or Spain, offer tooth implants at affordable prices. The cost of a single dental implant at a European clinic can range from 600 to 900 euros. It is approx. 600-1,200 euros cheaper than in the UK, that’s about 50% cheaper. So do lower prices mean lower quality? Not always. Why? Let us explain.

In Europe, the cost of running a dental office is considerably lower than in the UK: lower office rent, lower labour costs, lower bills and education fees, lower technology expenses even with brand new technology. It is also easy to see when you compare the British and European currencies. For example, 1 British pound equals to 356 Hungarian forints or 140 Serbian dinars. In summary, the costs of running a private dental practice in Europe are much lower than in the UK, Norway, Germany or Scandinavian countries. If you are looking for the cheapest dentist in Europe, you should start your search in these dental destinations.

dental treatment

Why is dental treatment crucial to your health?

We, at Dental Implants Friends, know that the sheer thought of the dental drill probably makes you cringe and the thought of sky-rocketing costs makes you frown. However, if you have been avoiding dentist for the bigger part of your life and you feel you are in need of some extensive work done, do not delay. Remember that untreated cavities, gum disease or missing tooth or teeth can do you much more harm than you think.

  • Even a single cavity, if it is not treated, may cause tooth infection (abscess) or serious damage the interior of your tooth. This, in turn, will definitely end in pulling the tooth. A single missing tooth can lead to multiple missing teeth! Every dentist will tell you that a mouth full of your natural teeth is far better than dentures for the rest of your life.
  • Gum disease usually puts your oral health at great risk. First, your gums start to recede away from teeth. Then, the infection spreads to the entire mouth. Consequently, teeth become loose and shaky and bacteria start to attack the roots. You can guess what the result can be: tooth loss, again. Once the infection spreads from roots to bone, it can enter the bloodstream. Some scientists link advanced gum disease to other health conditions that affect the cardiovascular and immune system. All periodontists strongly recommend seeking dental treatment as soon as you notice the first signs of gum disease.
  • What about missing teeth? Many patients say: “I have only a few missing teeth. Do I have to do anything about it?” Well, the truth is: you should. Read more about the devastating consequences of missing teeth. As you can see, dental treatment is crucial to maintain overall good health, so act today, make a decision where you would like your dental work done. The expensive way or the popular, affordable way?

Why is dental tourism in Europe becoming so popular?

Almost all consumers are attracted to quality and affordability. European dental tourism has it all. Do not fall for the myth that the quality of dental treatment in Europe is lower than in the UK, the USA or the Scandinavian countries. Why would it be? It is a myth. Did you know that dentists from all over the world attend the same English-language dentistry conferences and training? Yes! They also work on the world’s leading dental implants brands which are used throughout the world, be it the UK, Hungary, Germany or Romania.

Dental treatment in Europe is of high quality and affordable. The savings are so substantial that even after adding the cost of the flight, accommodation, etc. you still save money. DentalimplantsFriends have gathered for you the necessary information you need before you travel to one of the dental clinics in Europe.

We have identified 4 European countries which are best for cheap dental tourism in Europe. We would like to show you that cost for the same level of dental work in Europe is lower than in Western Europe or the United States. Start your search for the cheapest dentist in Europe here.

Top 4 European Destinations for Affordable Dental Implants

  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Croatia
  • Bulgaria



Hungary has been hailed Europe’s capital for affordable dental implants. The history of dental tourism in Hungary goes back to the 1980s. It was German and Austrian tourists who realised that apart enjoying their holidays they could also have dental treatment the affordable way. So why Hungary? The facts:

  1. Hungary – the biggest choice of dental clinics

    Hungary is filled with dentists – the country boasts more professional dentists per capita than any other country. According to Budapest Business Journal Hungary is one of the most popular countries for dental tourism (its share in Europe is 42% and worldwide 21%). Since the time when communism in Hungary has fallen, approximately 60 thousand people travel there for treatment every year, making approx. EUR307,000,000 revenue only in the dental sector. 20% patients choose Hungary as their destination to visit a dentist.

    How did it all start? It began decades ago, when many dental offices emerged near the western border of the country. Hungary borders directly with Austria and Hungarian dental professionals wanted to meet the demands of Austrian and German patients looking for more affordable solutions. This is the reason so many dental clinics specialize in patients from abroad, they know their needs, how to prepare them for treatment abroad and the clinic personnel in almost every dentist’s office speak English and German.

    Gábor Szakonyi, the Vice President of ALHDC (the Association of Leading Hungarian Dental Clinics), claims that dental implants, veneers, crowns or dentures done in Hungary are still approx. 50% less expensive than in Western Europe, even including air travel, accommodation and food.

    dental clinic hungary

    MDental Clinic in Budapest, Hungary

    Single dental implant cost in Hungary

    Minimum cost 719 EUR
    Average cost 903 EUR
    Maximum cost 1,080 EUR
  2. Hungarian dentists use leading dental implant brands

    Since we focus on facts, DentalimplantsFriends have gathered for you some detailed information coming directly from the dental clinics in question. This data comparison is unique – nowhere else you will find such information. We have had a closer look at the 10 most representative dental clinics in Hungary. DentalimplantsFriends have interviewed them to find out what dental implant brands are used by dental professionals there.

    Dental implant brands in Hungary

Dental implant brands in Hungary

Dental clinic Dental implant brand*Abutment type (implant connector)
Helvetic Clinics Budapest Alpha-Bio Tec™ Implant post, ASTRA TECHtitanium, zirconia
Batorfi Dental Implant ClinicAlpha-Bio Tec™ Implant post, Straumann, SIC invent AG,
RenewBiocare Est,
Mozo-Grau SL
titanium, zirconia
Dare to Smile DentalSIC invent AG,
Mozo-Grau SL,
IHDE Implant (Switzerland)
gold, zirconia, ceramic
Dental Implant Point BudapestAlpha-Bio Tec™ Implant post, Mozo-Grau SLtitanium,
gold, zirconia
ContidentAlpha-Bio Tec™ Implant post, Mozo-Grau SLtitanium
Dentist 4 UKAlpha-Bio Tec™ Implant post, Mozo-Grau SLtitanium, zirconia
Duna Dental DentistryAlpha-Bio Tec™ Implant post,
K.S.I. Bauer Schraube Gmbh,
Mozo-Grau SL,
SIC invent AG
titanium, zirconia
Exclusive DentalMIS Implants Technologies Inc.,
Alpha-Bio Tec™ Implant post
titanium, zirconia
MDental Clinic HungaryAlpha-Bio Tec™ Implant post, Mozo-Grau SLtitanium
Save on Dental Care – BudapestAlpha-Bio Tec™ Implant post, Mozo-Grau SLtitanium, zirconia

*data gathered during extensive clinic interview. Also available here.

As you can see Alpha-Bio Tec™ Implant is the most popular tooth implant brand in most Hungarian clinics we list. No wonder – it is one of the global leaders in dental implant brands. Why?

  • Alpha-Bio Tec™ Implant’s Research & Development team works with an international team of dental professionals who have broad theoretical and practical knowledge. Alpha-Bio Tec also invests in a wide range of research, tests and lab studies. That is why, Alpha-Bio Tec Implants are continuously up-to-date with global market trends and modern technology.
  • Alpha-Bio Tec™ allows Hungarian dental professionals to go digital! Alpha-Bio Tec digital CAD/CAM line includes a variety of restorative products and their Guided Surgery Tool Kit helps dentists with guided surgery.
  • Alpha-Bio Tec™ offers over 150 courses for dentists. Hungarian dentists use them to educate themselves in new implantology procedures.

3. Hungarian dental professionals are certified

To be able to start practising legally, Hungarian dental surgeons or dentists have to study medicine and dentistry for 5 years to obtain the title of Doctor of Dentistry. They have to be fully qualified; it is also recommended to have a membership at one of the international dental organisations. Very often practicing Hungarian dental professionals must attend training sessions, lectures and seminars to be up-to-date with modern technology and tools.

In Hungary you can meet two types of dentists: those who are general dentists and trained to be implantologists and those who trained as oral-maxillofacial surgeons. This first class training means that Hungarian dentistry is of very high standard. Here are the things worth looking out for while choosing an affordable dental clinic in Hungary:

  • clinic or dentists’ certificates or awards: Trusted Surgeon Certificate, Certificate of Treatment Transparency, Global Clinic Rating, What Clinic award, quality certifications such as ISO9001, UKAS quality management, etc.
  • the clinic and dentist’s years of experience
  • the number of implants placed a year.
certified dentist hungary

Certificate of Treatment Experience for Dr Norbert Velich from Dental Implant Point, Hungary

5. Dental clinics in Hungary are “international patient oriented”

Why Hungarian clinics attract so many demanding international patients? Aside from excellent dental care, they offer a variety of extra services for anyone travelling from abroad:

  • online Skype consultation,
  • picking up and dropping off at the airport and/or hotel,
  • 24 hours emergency contact,
  • booking spare time activities locally.

And, remember, they know that you do not speak Hungarian. They speak English so you do not need to worry about the language barrier!

5. Hungary really is a holiday destination

If you are already bored with Tenerife, Mallorca or Gran Canaria, choose something different this year. You surely deserve a little vacation and, if your teeth need urgent attention, do not waste time and act! Remember the longer you wait, the more serious your condition may become.

Hungary is also a home to several fantastic geothermal lakes and spas such as Lake Hévíz – Europe’s largest and the second largest thermal lake in the world and Széchenyi Medicinal Bathone of the largest bath complexes in Europe with saunas, aquafitness, Thai massage, 21 swimming pools and much more! It is great news for you: who wouldn’t want to combine dental tourism with spa vacations?

budapest hungary thermal bath

Széchenyi thermal baths in Budapest, Hungary

While you are in Hungary, DentalimplantsFriends also recommend a stroll through Budapest or beside the Danube river, visiting the Buda Castle Quarter.

Single dental implant cost in Hungary

What are the costs? The minimum price for single dental implant in Hungary is 719 Euro and the maximum 1,080 Euro. This means that the average single dental implant cost is about 880 Euro – you must admit it is a fair price taking into consideration the cost in the UK, for that matter.

Still not convinced? Read a patient’s success story here.


Romania is the number two dental holiday destination for dental patients. The history of dental tourism in Romania goes back to 1970s. This was probably the best kept secret of dental tourists in Europe. So why Romania? The facts:

  1. No nonsense dental tourism

Romania offers affordable and high quality dental treatment. It may not offer vacation wise so much as Hungary, but if you are looking for a round trip to get your smile back, Romania is the place to go. There are a few budget airlines that fly to Bucharest, Romania’s capital. If you live in the UK, you can fly with WizzAir, Ryanair, British Airways, KLM or Air France. The plane tickets start from £33 if you book smart and early. Check our tips for travelling for dental implants overseas.

dental implant clinic romania

Dental implant clinic Pomadent, Romania

  1. Romanian dentists know what implant brands are best

Dental ClinicDental implant brand*Abutment type (implant connector)
Favorit Dental ClinicNobel BioCare Active Implant (Switzerland),
MIS Implants Technologies Inc.,
Alpha-Bio Tec™ Implant post,
ADIN Implants,
AB Dental USA
Star Dental ClinicMIS Implants Technologies, Inc.titanium, zirconia, temporary
DENT ESTET ClinicBredent GmbH & Co. KG,
Mozo-Grau SL,
SIC invent AG
SMILE Dental ClinicBredent GmbH & Co. KG,
MIS Implants Technologies Inc.
Bucharest British Dental PlaceStraumann Implant (Switzerland),
Bredent GmbH & Co. KG
titanium, zirconia, gold

*data gathered during extensive clinic interview. Also available here.

In Romania, professional implantologists prefer to use leading dental implant brands such as Straumann Implant (Switzerland), MIS Implants Technologies Inc., Bredent GmbH & Co. KG. Working on best possible materials allows for better results and patient satisfaction. In case of international dental patients immediate loading implant treatment is extremely popular.

3. Myths about dental treatment in Romania

There are many myths and misconceptions about dentistry in some of the European countries. Romania is one of them. At DentalimplantsFriends we believe in transparent and reliable information, therefore we always aim to bust myths like these. Read more about the Facts & Myths about dental tourism in Romania.

4. Quality can be affordable

Single dental implant cost in Romania

Minimum cost512 EUR
Average cost807 EUR
Maximum cost1,400 EUR


  1. Croatia is within your reach

Croatia is only 2,5 hours flight from London. You can fly there with British Airways or Lufthansa. Another added benefit is that in Croatia there are 9 airports to choose from.

  1. It is about the quality and the cost

The cost of dental treatment in Croatia can be quite competitive compared to your home country. Dental implants prices start from EUR 900. It seems really pocket-friendly compared to EUR 2,300 for a single dental implant in a British dental clinic. This is the main reason more and more British dental patients visit Croatia every year. Savings can reach up to 40-50% compared to other Western European countries; in case of the American patients the savings can even be greater.

dental implant clinic croatia

Dr. Blaskovic Dental Clinic in Rijeka, Croatia

  1. Croatia should be on your dental holiday bucket list

Aside from A+ Dental care, Croatia is a perfect get-away destination for many people from the European Union. Make sure you do not miss such tourist attractions as Dubrovnik Old Town Walls, Plitvice Lakes, Krka National Park, Pula and its Roman ruins and Split, Croatia’s second largest city, nicknamed the “Mediterranean Flower”.

dental tourism croatia

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

4. Dental implants prices are affordable!

Minimum cost900 EUR
Average cost1,035 EUR
Maximum cost1,130 EUR

Dental clinics in Croatia we list at DentalimplantsFriends have 10-24 years of experience in dentistry. You must admit that is impressive. These are not dentists who started their practice a year ago – they are dental experts and also love their job!


The most popular dental procedures among international patients, who visit dental clinics in Bulgaria are ceramic veneers and dental implants. Bulgarian dentists are, in particular, trained in the most recent methods of pain-free dental care and use popular dental implant brands. Why Bulgaria? The facts:

  1. Bulgaria’s health market is highly competitive

Private health market (especially dental market) is strong and highly competitive. Bulgarian clinics’ managers and dentists are aware of the ever changing trends and the competition around, so they aim at delivering the best class service. High quality facilities (bespoke X-ray equipment, digital imaging, etc.) are aimed at dental tourists like you. Bulgarian dental professionals know that you travel a long way to have treatment exactly at their place, so they wish to fulfil every patient’s expectations. Did you know that $5.4 billion has been invested across the dental sector in Bulgaria in the last five years? That is a lot of money which is now turned into high quality dental care which you can use!

Dental Implants clinic Bulgaria

AMAYA Dental Clinic in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

  1. Bulgaria’s tourist attractions – must-see!

Bulgaria has more than a thousand natural spas across the country. And gorgeous beaches you cannot miss! If you choose to visit one of the dental clinics in Bulgaria, DentalimplantsFriends recommend sightseeing in Varna and Sofia, the country’s biggest cities. Varna is located next to the Black Sea coast. It is the centre of the country’s largest Roman baths with a dolphinarium.

dental tourism bulgaria

Black Sea coast in Varna, Bulgaria

3. Dental implant prices are pocket-friendly

Minimum cost600 EUR
Average cost796 EUR
Maximum cost950 EUR

4. Dental patients recommend it

All of us love reading success stories of patients. Especially those whose life changed dramatically for the better after they got their smile back. It is incredible how bad teeth (or the lack of it) can affect our lives and it is incredible how a beautiful new smile can help us gain back the confidence again. Read a story of a patient who, at 32, suffered from gingivitis and loose teeth and decided to have low cost dental implants in Bulgaria.

Dental tourism Europe – summary

Let us compare the above all 4 European countries in terms of single dental implant price. We have put the minimum, average and maximum costs for you in one place, so you can save time and make an easy decision.

Single dental implant cost in Europe

 Hungary Romania BulgariaCroatia
Minimum719 EUR512 EUR600 EUR900 EUR
Average 903 EUR807 EUR 796 EUR1,035 EUR
Maximum1,080 EUR1,400 EUR950 EUR1,130 EUR

Flight costs for May 2017

Bulgariafrom 70 EUR
Romania from 68 EUR
Croatia from 75 EUR
Hungary from 114 EUR

*flight prices based on SkyScanner on 12.03.2017

 affordable accommodation local transport (one-way ticket)taxi 1kmmeal at inexpensive restaurantdomestic beer - restaurant (0.5 l)coffee (restaurant)bread (shop)milk (shop)
Bulgariafrom €18€0.82€0.40€5.11€1€1€0.48€0.98
Romania from €22€0.44€0.37€4.41€1.10€1.35€0.46€0.84
Croatiafrom €26€1.35€0.81€6.06€1.88€1.28 €0.78€0.75
Hungaryfrom €24€1.13€0.904.84€1.13€1.17€0.56€0.67

*data based on

Dental Implants Friends have presented you some detailed information about affordable dental implants and example costs of dental holidays in Europe. From the above report it seems that Bulgaria and Romania are the most affordable when it comes to single dental implant price and costs such as local accommodation, food or transport. This is crucial information when you need to make that important decision which country and clinic you want to choose. If you wish to compare more prices go to DentalimplantsFriends Worldwide Cost Guide. Keep in mind, however, that if you need any additional treatments such as bone grafting or extractions the cost will go up. Still, you do not need to be in the dark about the potential total price you are going to pay. With DentalimplantsFriends you can easily get the final estimated price. Just contact the dental clinic online, give some background on your mouth situation and your expectations. Most dental clinics will send you a breakdown of costs you need to expect. Transparent. Simple.

Visit DentalimplantsFriends social media profiles: Facebook and Instagram for a fresh portion of news and before and after photos of dental patients!

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  1. Me and my friends always go to Poland for crowns, veneers or other expensive dental work, but it didn’t occur to me that Hungary or Romania are quite good locations great!!! :))

  2. I compared the prices in a few European countries and it really seems that that best price dental implants are in Hungary. In fact Im waiting for a quote from one of the clinics there

    • Hi Megan, just complete our Clinic Matching Test and specify your implant needs and budget preferences. We’ll e-mail you a list of 3 best clinics. It’s easy and free!

  3. I’m simply in loooove in Bulgaria and everythng Bulgarian: food, drinks, music, landscapes, the sea and beaches. Thinking of starting a travel blog. I never thought i could fix my teeth there. well, no there’s a thought. must try that. thanks!

  4. Hi there,
    I have an implant with the following details: #46 – BTK 4.8 mm KR x 8mm; # 35 – ADIN 3.5D/11.5 L. Unfortunately, the crown of the implant went loose today. I live in Amsterdam and when it first went loose, there is no dentist who can help me because they don’t use ADIN implants brand here. I would like to ask if the crown is still ok but the screw might be the defective part; does that mean that the entire implant need to be changed? I did not see ADIN brand in the clinics in Hungary but can a cost estimate be requested if only the screw needs to be fixed?

  5. Hey, I’m looking for dental implant treatment in Europe, possibly in HUngary or Poland. Got budget of 3000 pounds for 2 implants. do you think it will be enough?

    • Hi Alex, your budget is more than enough for 2 dental implants in Poland or Hungary. The average price for tooth implant in these countries is EUR800-900. However, please bear in mind that your case might need some additional treatments like extraction or bone graft. Only your dentist will be able to decide what work needs to be done. We suggest you fill in our Clinic Matching Test – we will recommend you max. dental clinics that suit your needs and budget.

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