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Bucharest British Dental Place (Romania) – Exclusive Clinic Interview, Part 1

Dental Implants Friends: Bucharest British Dental Place is a popular destination for people travelling abroad for dental implant treatment. Can you explain why this is so?

Bucharest British Dental Place is a British owned and family run dental clinic in Romania. It offers a home away from home dental experience by British staff, and British and Romanian trained dental professionals, at a fraction of the cost elsewhere, without the worry of being lost in translation.

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The dentists at Bucharest British Dental Place are passionate about teeth and dentistry. Their ethical approach is driven by the desire to offer all patients the best possible dental services. That is why we continually invest in our business, not only in terms of state-of-the art technology but also in terms of the materials we use, the training courses we run and attend and the specialists and dental labs we work with. In order to create that perfect smile, all the ingredients in the mix need to be of the highest quality and we believe we have created the perfect recipe. We have interviewed Samantha Teasdale from Bucharest British Dental Place:

DIF: What do international patients need to do before they begin receiving treatment at Bucharest Dental Place?

In most cases, preliminary advice can be given over email, in advance of travel, if a patient is able to provide a full mouth X-ray, CBCT scan and wide smile photograph, plus answer the following questions:

      • What is your current dental problem?
      • Have you seen a dentist or been given any advice on the problem? If so, what advice?
      • What is it you expect to achieve on completion of treatment?
      • How often do you see your dentist? Do you go for regular check-ups?
      • How often do you see your hygienist?
      • How old are you?
      • How is your general health?
      • Are you currently taking any medication?
      • Do you have any allergies?
      • Are you a smoker?

Don’t worry if you are unable to provide all of the above in advance, as initial consultation will be taken when you arrive at Bucharest British Dental Place anyway and full investigation can be done at that time.  Please note that although not offered by every dental clinic in Romania, a CBCT scan is paramount for implant surgery success. If you are not sure if implants are for you, read more about whether you are a good candidate for dental implants.

DIF: Does a patient need to attend an initial consultation in person or is it possible to proceed without a prior visit to Bucharest British Dental Place?

As mentioned above, initial consultation and surgery can be planned and scheduled under one visit but this is entirely at the choice of the patient. Some international patients are happy speaking over the phone and email regarding the whole dental implants procedure. Then, they book to come for a week to have their consultation and initial stage of the treatment done all together. Some patients prefer to come only for initial consultation to make sure they are confident in their decision. Either way, as long as the patient is comfortable, we are happy to help.

DIF: Do you offer only dental implants?

Bucharest British Dental Place offers the full spectrum of dental procedures for dental tourism patients, except orthodontic treatment as this is better undertaken at home as it involves several visits over a period of a few months.

Our most popular treatments for dental tourism patients is All on 4, All on 6 full mouth implants, full mouth reconstruction, single implants, crowns, bridges, root canal treatments and veneers/smile makeovers.

DIF: What kind of support is available for international patients who travel to your clinic from abroad?

Samantha, the British owner and International Patient Liaison is involved in every step of the way to create an exceptional dental tourism experience. From dealing with a patient’s initial enquiry over the phone or email to helping with flights and discounted hotel rates and arranging fee airport pickup, Samantha is always on hand to help.

On arrival into Bucharest each patient is greeted by a driver at the airport to take them to their hotel. If required, a driver can also be arranged to bring the patient to their first visit at the clinic. We can also provide a free city guide and help with any tours or activities a patient may wish to do in their free time.

Bucharest British Dental Place

DIF: How long do patients need to stay in Romania?

This all depends on what treatment a patient requires but some indications are provided below:

              • 1 or 2 implants – 2 to 4 days
              • Full arch implants – 5 to 6 days
              • Full mouth implants – 6 to 7 days
              • 1 or 2 veneers – 4 to 5 days
              • Full veneers – 7 – 10 days
              • 1 or 2 crowns – 4 to 5 days
              • Full mouth of crowns and veneers – 7 – 10 days

DIF: What payment methods do you accept?

Bucharest British Dental Place does not require payment or a deposit in advance. All payments are made when the treatment is completed by cash, debit or credit card in the local currency, lei.

DIF: Where in Bucharest is the clinic located?

Bucharest British Dental Place is located in the affluent business district of  Bucharest known as Dorobanti which is a very safe and pleasant area of Bucharest with lots of parks, café bars and restaurants, etc.

DIF: How to get to Bucharest British Dental Place?

If the hotel chosen is not within walking distance, the patient will be collected by driver and driven to the clinic. Everything for the patient’s convenience.

DIF: Do patients need to take any medication with them?

It is not necessary or advisable to bring any medication with you, except any pre-prescribed drugs you may be taking for general health purposes. Any medications such as pain killers or antibiotic that are advised after surgery will be prescribed by the clinic’s dental surgeon and can be bought at the local pharmacy. Any medications purchased in Romania on prescription can be taken home on the flight, just keep hold of your prescription.

For single dental implant cost, dental services offered, photos and dental patient reviews, go to Bucharest British Dental Place clinic profile. You can directly contact the clinic by clicking on the red contact button. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Exclusive Interview with Bucharest British Dental Place.



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