Can I Eat Anything with Dental Implants?

Popcorn, sticky or gooey candy, nuts, poppy seed cake or steak – if you have been a long-time denture wearer, you know all too well they are a big no-no for you. Traditional dentures and partials involve some degree of diet restriction. What you can eat also depends on dentures quality. Would you like not to be limited in your diet and eat what you want? Dental implants are the answer then!

Can you eat normally with dental implants?

Yes, you can! With dental implants there are no diet restrictions. You can have the same food as with your natural teeth, for example nuts, hard fruit, caramel fudge or even chew a gum! Tooth implants function and look like your natural teeth, so biting into an apple or chewing some BBQ ribs is not a problem anymore. With dental implants you can bite and chew as normal, without the need to use dentures glue and without the risk of embarrassing accidents.
There is no question about it – no diet limitations and restored eating function are definitely the biggest advantage of dental implants. They are the only tooth replacement option which functions and feels like natural teeth. Implants, buried deep in the bone, behave exactly as natural tooth roots. They are strong and rigid. After some time you will even forget you have them!

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What not to eat with dental implants?

As we mentioned before you can eat everything but you should not bite into everything. Dental implants are not indestructible. Opening a bottle or cracking nuts with your new artificial teeth is not a good idea. The porcelain or ceramic crown or bridge that is on top of the implant can be damaged just like your natural tooth. It can happen if you bite into a really hard object such as metal, ceramics or glass. Most crown, bridge or tooth damage happens during sports or car/motorbike accidents. If your crown cracks, it can be either repaired or replaced. A new crown will set you back minimum 200-300 Euros depending on the place where you have it done and if you prefer more expensive materials it can cost up to 400-500 Euros. It happens very rarely that the implant, which is sitting deep in the bone, is damaged.

Also parafunctions such as biting nails or pens can also do harm to your prosthetic crowns or bridges. Neither our natural nor artificial teeth are designed to withstand the pressure exerted on them during biting nails. Such parafunctions are definitely harmful to your pearly whites and should be treated and eliminated.

So can you eat normally with dental implants? Yes! Imagine the day when you are free to order anything what you want in a restaurant and you can eat it without worrying about your dentures! But this dream does not have to remain only a dream. Affordable dental implants are within your reach. Find a dental clinic that is best for you.

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