How to choose best dental implants abroad

Before you decide to have dental implants abroad, find out how to choose a good implant, dental specialist and destination for your tooth implants. Also learn what dental implant process involves.

Nowadays dental implants are considered the best solution for patients with missing teeth or extensive decay. Tooth implants can replace both single teeth and multiple teeth. Implant is simply an artificial root which replaces the natural root of the tooth. A single dental crown, bridge or overdentures are placed on top of the root to imitate the natural teeth. In case of multiple missing teeth, multiple implantations can be performed, for example you can have all-on-4 or all-on-6 treatment which means that you can have 4 or 6 dental implants placed and then a snap-on overdentures placed.

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How to choose best dental implants?

 While choosing dental implants abroad consider the following:

1. Choose only proven and well-known dental implant brands that have lifetime guarantees such as Camlog, Nobel BioCare, Straumann, and Astra. If you go for cheap tooth implants, you will have to rely on more expensive dental crowns. The standard cost of reconstruction on premium implants such as Camlog is about 710 EUR but you can use the DentalimplantsFriends’ VOUCHER for 90 Euro available here and enjoy the lower price: only 620 Euro per implant! If your local dentist has provided you with a treatment plan and you know how many implants you need, you can benefit from ready offer from Dental Care & Implant Center in Cracow, Poland and accommodation in the beautiful Old Town. Let us have a closer look at this offer: CITY BREAK at Dental Care and Implant Center – only 730 GBP/855 EUR. It is a 3 day stay offer package in the best Krakow’s dental implantology center for implantation of 1 implant. It includes:

  • 3D CBCT photo of a jaw, taken in specialized lab
  • implantation of the premium Swiss CAMLOG dental implant, under the WAND computer anesthesia (CAMILOG implant has a lifetime warranty) – 1 implant
  • 3 consultations with dental implantologist and dental surgeon during the implantation procedure (includes mouth examination)
  • final dental treatment plan made by dentist with 10 years of experience in implantology
  • 2 nights in the hotel located within Krakow’s old town, 5 minutes’ walk from the dental center.

Need to know:

  • Based on 3D photo, the implantologist may decide for additional bone supplementation with sinus lift or bone augmentation
  • The Polish dental clinic offers a wide range of dental treatments (Endodontic, periodontic or prosthetic treatments) which you can take before or after implantation.

The total price of the treatment in Poland includes diagnosis, consultation with the implantologist with 10 years of experience, and the CBCT scan taken in the clinic’s lab – everything you need to have dental implants treatment in one place.

  1. Choose dental experts with experience of minimum 10 years with specializations in surgery and/or implantology. If a dentist performs about 300 implantations a year, they actually do implant surgery every day. In such case you can definitely trust them, even if you see the dentist for the first time during your consultation. Also, if the clinic has BEFORE and AFTER photos of happy patients, you can be sure dentists are well prepared to meet the needs of even the most demanding patients.

dental implants abroad poland

  1. Computerized Tomography 3D scans. Once you’ve chosen a specialist implantologist, you need a 3D teeth scan done for your first dental consultation. It is not panoramic 2D X-ray. Only by looking at the scans, the implantologist will be able to tell you exactly how many and what implants can be implanted and what reconstruction solution can they offer you. In difficult cases it happens often that the implantologist consults their diagnosis with endodontics and prosthetics specialist.
  1. The treatment plan from your local dentist may vary from the treatment plan you will receive, for example, in a dental surgery abroad, e. g. in Poland. If your local dentist has provided you with a treatment plan and you send it to a trusted Polish dental clinic to compare prices (which are usually around 50% cheaper), you must be aware that the final treatment plan may be slightly different. This is because Polish dentists will analyze your dental situation based on your 3D images and will be able to come up with even more detailed and relevant treatment plan.
  1. Restoration type. While searching for the best dental implant clinic, it is good to know what type of restoration you are looking for: porcelain crowns, dental bridge or overdentures on implants. If you already have an idea what would suit you best, the clinic’s dentist will be able to adjust that one solution to your budget. If you do not know yet what option you want, do not worry. The doctor will discuss your options with you during the first consultation.
  1. Anesthesia. During dental implant surgery you will be anesthetized by computer anesthesia The Wand, so you will not feel any pain but you may feel drilling in your jaw bone. Before and after implantation you must take antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. After dental implant surgery you can but you do not have to take painkillers (it only depends on your well-being). You can fly back home after only 2 days.
  1. Bone loss solution. For patients who have missing teeth and considerable bone loss and have been told that they cannot have dental implants, there is good news! Dental specialists from Dental Care & Implant Center can perform sinus lift which will increase your bone density. After 9 months of bone healing (osseointegration), the dentist can place implants and then after 6 months restoration crowns can be cemented.
  1. Bone augmentation & implantation. If the dentist notices slight bone loss, they can perform an implant surgery procedure along with bone augmentation – both treatments at the same time. This is a perfect guarantee for the patient that the implant is well placed, solid and capable of maintaining the weight of prosthetic restoration.
  1. The choice of dental clinic, dentist, dental implant destination, type of implant always depends on the patient, the doctor is only a helper, specialist and a “service contractor” for the patient. If both parties create a good relationship and trust each other, the treatment will be smooth and the end result will please both the patient and the doctor.

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How can I get a treatment plan for me?

For years dental specialists at Dental Care & Implant Center in Poland have been diagnosing and treating patients. Dr. Arkadiusz Makowiecki and his dental team understand that each case is different and each patient should be diagnosed and treated individually. If you would like to know your treatment plan, please send your CT scan or panoramic X-ray to the clinic’s consultants. Simply contact the clinic here. The clinic’s specialists will send you a professionally prepared treatment plan in English, French or Norwegian.

The article has been prepared in cooperation with Anna Lesniewska, a dental consultant for foreign patients.

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  1. I went to that clinic in Cracov. Can totally recommend it! they know what they’re doing there. Got lovely natural-looking crowns on my implants!!

  2. Many British people complain that dental care costs too much. C’mon people! you spend a fortune on your iphones, hair, watches and all those unncessary things but yu neglect your teeth! I’d rather have nice teeth than a gadget which will break within 12 months lol and it’s not hard to find more affordable options in Poland or Hungary. Just use the search.

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