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  Dental Implant Point Budapest MDental Clinic Hungary
Country Hungary Hungary
City Budapest Budapest
Basic data      
years of experience 20 4 2019
implants a year 500 1000
dental implant price from 684 EUR 878 EUR EUR
free on-line consultation
emergency contact 24h
airport pickup
Languages spoken English Hungarian German French English
Single Dental Implant      
Warranty of the implants 5 lifetime
Warranty of the bridges & crowns 2 3
Implantation success rate 99,80% 98.60%
Minimum number of visits in clinic 3 3
Maximum number of visits in clinic 4 4
Cost of medical consultation Free Free
One stage treatment NO 0
The maximum time of stay (in days) - first stage 14 2
The maximum time of stay (in days) - second stage 14 8
Healing time (in month) 4 4-6
Included in dental implant price:      
All visits
Dental check-up / Surgical Evaluation
Digital panoramic X-ray
3D Cone Beam Imaging
Local anesthetic
General anesthesia
Post treatment check-up
Annual check-up (including examination)
Annual check-up (including examination and digital X-ray)
Healing ring
Temporary crown
Bone augmentation
Dental impressions
Treatment options      
General dentistry:      
Dentistry Consultation
Dental Checkup
Root Canal
Tooth Filling
Tooth Extraction
Cosmetic dentistry:      
Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation
Dental Crown
Teeth Whitening
Teeth Cleaning
Restorative dentistry:      
Dental Implant
Mini Dental Implants
Restoration of Implants
Dental Bridge
Bone Graft
Dental Implants diagnosis & planning      
Dental check-up / Surgical Evaluation
Initial Consultation
Digital panoramic X-ray
3D Cone Beam Imaging
Treatment plan
Dental Implants services      
Implant placement      
Immediate Dental Implant Placement
Delayed Dental Implant Placement
Bone frafting & sinus lift      
Bone Grafting
Sinus Lift (Graft) Procedure
Replacement Teeth      
Implant Crowns
Implant Prosthesis (non-removable)
Implant Retained Denture (Overdenture)
Treatment concept      
The All on 4 dental
The All on 6 dental
The All on 8 dental
Surgical Extractions
Tissue-regeneration procedures
Abutments (implant connectors)      
Titanium abutment (Titanium connector)
Gold abutment (Gold connector)
Zirconia abutment (Zirconia connector)
Dental crowns      
Metal crown (porcelain-fused-to-metal crown)
Gold crown (porcelain-crown-fused-to-gold)
Zirconia crown (hand-made full porcelain crown fused to zirconia)
CAD/CAM full porcelain crown (Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing)
Porcelain veneer
Ceramic inlay / onlay / overlay
Travel assistance      
General travel assistance?
Airport pickup
Hotel - Clinic transfer
Hotel discounts?
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