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Croatia is a perfect summer getaway for British and Irish tourists and, without a doubt, one of the most frequently visited dental tourism destinations in Europe. Every year hundreds of tourists plan to spend some time in sunny Croatia and take advantage of more affordable cosmetic dentistry offered by the local clinics.


Professional dental clinics in Croatia offer competitive prices for all dental procedures. Compare prices in Croatia with other countries in the world here. Undoubtedly, dental implants belong to the most expensive treatments as they often (but not always) require additional procedures like bone graft or extractions. Also you need to pay for porcelain crown(s), dental bridge (modern dentures) and so on. According to price comparison above this type of treatment pays off best when done abroad. A single tooth implants in Croatia starts from €600, and with the maximum price reaching €1,000 per implant. If you wish to have implants done in the UK, it would set you back almost double. On average a single tooth implant in Croatia can cost you €814, which is actually about 70% cheaper than in western countries.

Dental experts in Croatian clinics focus on minimally invasive treatments and excellent pain management, as they believe these are the crucial factors that attract patients to their clinics. The fact that most of the clinics have regular patients, even from abroad, also confirms that the services are top quality. Nowadays, patients who are also smart shoppers can easily spot and avoid clinics which offer low standards, poor materials and treatment. Croatian clinics have been on the market for many decades and continue to gain patients’ trust. This is also confirmed by Trusted Clinic certificate awarded to the best clinics by DentalimplantsFriends.

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