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During the last 20 years Hungary has established itself as one of the top dental tourism destinations in Europe. It is known for plethora of professional dental clinics with a focus on international patients and their needs.

The history of good reputation of dental clinics in Hungary dates back to the 1980s when German and Austrian patients realised that dental services “just across the border” were much more affordable than at home. That referred especially to cosmetic treatments like porcelain veneers, crowns and tooth implants. More affluent patients felt they can spend money on dental work in Hungary while still saving about 60-70%.

Budapest, Hungary’s capital, is patients’ favourite destination to have quality dental implant treatment. Nowadays the cost of dental implants in Hungary is even more pocket-friendly because implants are no longer elite treatment. They have become a popular method of tooth replacement suitable for adults and even seniors. In the era of budget airlines and fast & easy travel across borders many patients are able to visit Hungary for holidays and have dental work done at the same time.

In Hungary a single dental implant complete with an abutment and a porcelain crown would cost you only about €719-1,080.

What is more, the Hungarian dentists’ qualifications and skills match the standards of dentistry present in the UK, European Union and the United States. Hungarian dentists and oral surgeons are known to study at foreign universities and have experience working in international environment. Many Hungarian dental clinics invest in the most advanced technologies for canal root treatment, oral surgery, dental implants, X-ray and grafts, to make sure the treatments they perform are fast and efficient. All this to cause minimal trauma to the patient and make his appointment a stress-free and pain-free experience.

If you browse the list of Hungarian dental clinics, you can discover what tooth implant brands the particular clinics use. You will notice the most popular brands are used in almost every clinic.

Why demanding international patients choose dental clinics in Hungary? Mostly because of low cost dental care, good price-value ratio, word-of-mouth recommendations and a plethora of additional services for patients who travel from abroad, for instance airport pick-up and drop-off, hotel booking assistance and leisure time arrangements.

To ensure maximum safety of all dental procedures dental clinics in Hungary strictly follow the European hygiene requirements and quality materials that comply with CE norms.

If you decide to go to Hungary for holidays and combine them with dental work, you will most likely enjoy your stay in Budapest or other Hungarian city and finally get the gorgeous smile you have always wanted.

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