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Have you been analysing countless dental treatment plans, and you still cannot afford dental implant procedures in your country’s clinics? Did you know that you can save up to 70% on dental treatment if you have your dental work done in Romania? If you are mostly interested in one of the most costly dental treatments, dental implants, you need to know that in Romania a single tooth implant will only set you back about €733! €512 per implant is the lowest price you pay in Romania and the most expensive implant costs only €1,400; still nearly €1,000 cheaper than in the UK.

Since 1989 Romania has been welcoming about 100,000 international tourists every year.  The dental care sector is perfectly organised, and the country itself is the ideal place for a relaxing weekend getaway.

Romania offers five star dental services for a low cost without sacrificing quality at dental centres equipped with the most modern materials and tools. This ensures that international patients are sure that they get top-quality dental work at the best price.

Nowadays you can take advantage of low-cost airlines and fly to Bucharest to undergo dental treatment such as dental implants or crowns. Bucharest dental clinics offer fast and painless dental procedures, using the same technology as dental centres in the UK.  Dental training in Romania is among the most advanced and strict in the world, and Romanian dentists and oral surgeons’ qualifications are widely recognized around the globe.

If you are searching for excellent dental care abroad, let Bucharest’s dental clinics help you have the chance to experience the perfect smile.

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