Dental Implants Award 2018 for Dental Center Ostojić

Dental Implants Award is given every year to the best dental hospitals, medical tourism agencies and tooth implant producers/distributors which stand out in the field of dentistry and, especially, implantology. The first edition of Dental Implants Awards have resulted in many applications mostly from European dental surgeries and agencies. The DentalimplantsFriends jury panel has selected the awards winners taking into account the applicants’ achievements, implemented solutions, innovations and patient feedback.

dental implants award 2018 for ostojic

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Dental Center Ostojić from Zagreb, Croatia has been awarded the Clinic of the Year in the category of Customer Service & Communications.
This Croatian dental clinic was established in 2005 and currently its team is made up of 2 experienced oral surgeons (DDS Renata Ostojić and DDS Sebastian Sandev), 17 dental nurses and an impressive number of patient coordinator – 10. The surgeons at Dental Clinic Ostojić place approximately 700 tooth implants a year with 99.9% implantation success rate. 50% of the clinic’s patients are from outside Croatia and travel to Zagreb to have more affordable and successful treatment.

renata ostojic croatia dentist

Dr. Renata Ostojić with the Dental Implants Award 2018

DentalimplantsFriends have asked dr Renata Ostojić a few questions about Dental Implants Award 2018.

DentalimplantsFriends: Why did you apply for Dental Implants Award 2018?

dr Renata Ostojić: In the abundance of dental services in Croatia we wanted to see how we are positioned when evaluated by an independent and impartial organisation and to give us a real insight into the quality of our services. Dental Implants Award 2018 was a perfect opportunity for us to find out that important information.

DIF: What does it mean to you to win the award in Customer Service & Communications category?

dr Renata Ostojić: The award really means a lot to our clinic. Being awarded for excellent Customer Service & Communications means that the quality of our dental services has been recognized as something relevant and that our team provides the highest level of services to patients. As a team we will strive to continue to deliver such high quality services in the coming years.

Dental Clinic Ostojić – experts at Customer Service & Communications

The clinic is proud of its efficient and experienced team of patient support coordinators. From the moment a patient contacts the clinic, they receive detailed information about the fastest and easiest way to reach the clinic and, also, information related to the actual medical procedures they are going to have. Once patients arrive in Zagreb, they can feel safe in the hands of the clinic’s experts patient coordinators.

7 reasons why Dental Clinic Ostojić has received Dental Implants Award 2018:

  1. Organized transport. The clinic’s customer support centre aims to make patients’ trip to the clinic as pleasant and stress-free as possible. From the moment you decide to have dental implants done at the clinic, the patient support centre takes over arranging the transportation from the airport to the clinic with the help of clinic’s own drivers. Patient support team at Dental Clinic Ostojić is also happy to provide assistance in finding the best deal on airline tickets, trains or buses.
  2. 24 hour free emergency contact with the clinic. If you are worried about any symptoms after your dental implant procedure or you have an urgent question, the clinic’s patient support will be there to dispel your doubts.
  3. Possibility of reimbursement from the NHS. Did you know that when you treatment at Dental Clinic Ostojić you can choose the S2 & EU Directive route? If you are a British patient, you can apply for reimbursement of your dental implant costs in Croatia. How does it work? If you fall into eligibility criteria, according to the European Union Directive route you can undergo paid dental treatment in another EEA country, e.g. Croatia, and then have this cost reimbursed by the British NHS. British patients are eligible for reimbursement of those types of dental treatments that are also available to them on the NHS. The EU Directive route also applies to private clinics like Dental Clinic Ostojić. The payment is required to be made in advance and you can claim your reimbursement upon your return to the UK. The maximum cost to be funded is the amount the treatment would have cost on the NHS in the UK.
  4. Free accommodation. Patients travelling from abroad can benefit from free accommodation arranged by the clinic. Comfortable apartments are located within a walking distance from the clinic and feature:
  • Air-conditioning
  • Fully furnished and equipped kitchen
  • Towels and bed linen
  • TV with English channels.
dental clinic croatia accommodation

Hotel accommodation in Croatia available for patients of Dental Center Ostojić

5. Free dental examination, consultation and price estimate. Patients do not pay for initial consultation and quote if they do not decide on the treatment.

6. Lifetime dental implant warranty. To meet the needs of demanding patients the clinic offers lifetime warranty on all dental implant work done by the clinic’s surgeons.

7. Dental implants cheaper up to 70%. Dental Clinic Ostojić offers competitive dental implant prices starting from €918 per implant with a connector and a crown. The over cost for a single tooth implant can be even 70% cheaper than it would cost you in a clinic in the UK.

At DentalimplantsFriends we know that patients love to see the results of patients and before/after photos of dental implant work. Here are some cases by Dental Center Ostojić.

Before/after photos of dental work

Case no. 1

  1. Before
  2. After

Case no. 2

  1. Before
  2. After

Case no. 3

  1. Before
  2. After

If you want to see more before/after photos of teeth, follow DentalimplantsFriends on Instagram. And if you like the patients’ results shown above and you are in need of a smile makeover, why not contact the winner clinic for a non-obligatory quote. Contact Dental Center Ostojić today and see what their dentists can do for your smile.

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