Dental Clinic Dr Popović (Serbia) – Exclusive Clinic Interview

Dental Clinic Dr Popović is very popular with international patients travelling abroad for dental implants treatment. Can you explain why this is so?

Our best promoters are the satisfied patients that have visited Serbia and Dental Clinic Dr Popović. I believe that the key to successful dental tourism is high quality tooth implant services that our clinic provides at affordable prices. At Dental Clinic Dr Popović we have over 30 years of experience and bespoke dental equipment: the latest generation X-ray machine, the apex locator, intraoral camera, digital records, CAD/CAM, laser, etc. Patients love Belgrade because it is a very popular holiday destination, even if you do not have dental problems!

What do international patients need to do before they begin receiving treatment at Dental Clinic Dr Popović?

Dentists from our clinic always encourage patients from abroad to send as much data as possible prior to the first visit, for example digital X-rays, smile line photos, dental charts and their medical history files, etc. Also, if there is a need to extract some teeth and replace them with implants, it is always better to do the extractions several months before the arrival in order for the bone to heal. Read more about healing time.

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Do international patients need to attend an initial consultation in person or is it possible to proceed without a prior visit to Dental Clinic Dr Popović?

It is always better when a personal first visit is possible but that it is rarely the case. That is why dental professionals at Dental Clinic Dr Popović give the patients several different treatment plan drafts, after careful analysis of the data they received from the patient. Of course, definite treatment plan as well as the cost is determined after the patient had an examination in person.

Dental Implants Serbia

Does Dental Clinic Dr Popović offer only tooth implants?

Dental implants are the most sought after service that Dental Clinic Dr Popović provides to international patients, who have decided to undergo cost-effective dental implants treatment abroad. The difference between dental implants cost in Serbia and dental implants prices in their home countries is so big that it often pays off to come to Serbia just for a single dental implant! Dental Clinic Dr Popović offers quality tooth implants from several leading dental implant manufacturers at affordable prices. The tooth implant brands we offer are among the best brands in the world. They are: Straumann Implant (Switzerland), Nobel BioCare Active Implant (Switzerland), BioHorizons Implant Systems or Sweden & Martina S. p. A.

What kind of support is available for international patients who travel to Dental Clinic Dr Popović from abroad?

Dental Clinic Dr Popović offers its patients 24/7 support in any way that they may need it. The Clinic’s staff organize airport-hotel transfers, help with the accommodation, translators, sightseeing tours, etc. The patients can count on us 24/7.

Dental Implants Serbia

How does the process of dental implants treatment look like at Dental Clinic Dr Popović?

When it comes to mouth rehabilitation with dental implants, we prefer the safest, two staged approach which means the patients can visit us twice, for example, for a short spring dental holidays and later for a bit longer summer dental holidays. Two stages mean that in one session the surgical part is done (implant insertion, bone augmentation, etc.). At this period it is recommended that the patient stays approx. 5-7 days so that we can monitor the early wound healing. 2-6 months later, the prosthodontic session is needed to complete the treatment. This 2 to 6 months bone around implant healing period depends on several factors: the implants used, bone quantity and quality at implant insertion, jaw region, etc. For this second session, we encourage patients to stay from 7 to 14 days, depending on the size of dental work needed. And the patients do not need to worry about a language barrier. We, at Dental Clinic Dr Popović, speak 6 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Russian and

Why should international patients come to Serbia rather than other country if they consider dental implant treatment at overseas dental clinic?

Serbian dental universities are one of the best in the region, professional Serbian dentists often attend the most prestigious dental congresses and courses abroad in order to stay updated and informed with all the latest news and trends in dentistry. It is my opinion that Serbian dental clinics can provide highest quality dental services, using the best materials available at the lowest prices in Europe!

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