Dental Implants Award 2018 for B. Dent Croatia

B. Dent is a dental clinic located in the heart of Zagreb, Croatia, awarded for the first time by DentalimplantsFriends. The clinic has received Dental Implants Award 2018 in the category All-on-4 Treatment. Congratulations to the entire team at B. Dent!

This Croatian clinic is run by two experienced dental surgeons:

  • Dr. Andrea Burazin Kurti –German born and USA educated dentist, dr. Andrea specializes in aesthetic and prosthetic dentistry and is an expert in microsurgery of periodontium.
  • Dr. Jelena Buršić Kadić – beneficiary of numerous university scholarships (including Soros scholarship), has over 13 years of experience and is an expert in implant surgery and prosthodontics.

dental implants award 2018 b dent

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DentalimplantsFriends have asked dr. Andrea a few questions about the award:

DentalimplantsFriends: Why did you apply for Dental Implants Award 2018?

Dr. Andrea: We applied for Dental Implants Award 2018 to get an independent opinion and estimate of our work, investment and service we provide to our patients. Also, we expected to get precious feedback from Dental Implant Friends and get some ideas for a different approach to very complicated procedures like All-on-4 and improve our work before and after the operation.

DIF: What does it mean to you to win the award in the category of the best All-on-4 Treatment?

Dr. Andrea: Winning this award means a lot to B. Dent team. It is a confirmation that our small but dedicated team stands side-by-side with the world’s greatest clinics. It is also an acknowledgment of our investment in continuous education, patience during all dental procedures, educational approach towards our patients and aspiration to perfection, all of which now bear fruit.

Why we awarded B. Dent for their All-on-4 Treatment?

DentalimplantsFriends have awarded B. Dent for their clear, transparent and patient-friendly offer of all-on-4 dental implants. The jury panel has noticed the great deal of attention and expertise that is involved in this type of treatment at this clinic.

Jaw reconstruction procedures, like all-on-4, are procedures that require outstanding skill in planning and careful execution. At B. Dent all-on-4 is approached with maximum detail and precision. Dental implant surgeries at B. Dent are performed only at certain hours of the day when the dental team is well-rested and most comfortable with operating. The entire schedule for the team is adapted to ensure maximum concentration. The whole protocol is agreed in advance with the patient, the dental team and the lab. Also new smile design and the colour of the crowns are agreed with the patient in advance so there are never any surprises.

At B. Dent the dentists take time to work with the patient, explain all stages of the procedure and even show treatment simulation on video. Every patient also receives a certificate for every implant placed. Patients can also receive a recommendation of the nearest dental clinic using the same implants in case of emergency.

Dental team at B. Dent attaches importance to patient education. All clinic’s patients are instructed by dr. Andrea and dr. Jelena in terms of dental hygiene maintenance after surgery. This has led the clinic to 100% success in jaw reconstruction procedures like all-on-4.

DentalimplantsFriends have assessed B. Dent’s protocol, dental team and their level of professionalism, patient care, experience and the pursuit of precision and perfection and the overall assessment brought us to a conclusion that the clinic deserves the Dental Implants Award 2018 in this exact category.

All-on-4 dental implants – how does it work at B. Dent?

After the initial consultation and confirming the patient is fit for this type of treatment, all-on-4 treatment may commence:

  1. The first stage of all-on-4 involves the extraction of any remaining teeth.
  2. Four tooth implants are placed on the same day and gum impressions are taken for a temporary overdentures.
  3. Temporary overdentures are prepared by the dental lab within 24 hours. During this time patients can stay overnight in Zagreb. Temporary prosthesis is placed and the patient can travel back home. After that patients can eat and drink as normal, but should avoid extra hard foods and have a balanced healthy diet to aid healing.
  4. The integration of implants with the bone takes about three to six months. After that time the patient visits the clinic to have their permanent teeth placed.

All-on-4 treatment at B. Dent starts from €7,800 and all-on-6 treatment costs €9,200 (no sinus lift or bone grafting included). These procedures depend on the patient’s case and they are not always needed. When they are necessary, the patient is informed of it in advance and charged separately.

Why all-on-4 at B. Dent Croatia?

The recovery process after all-on-4 surgery at B. Dent is relatively short. The dentists use the PRF method that ensures quick and almost pain-free recovery. In this method thrombocytes and growth proteins from the patient’s own blood are used to aid gum healing and bone growth. If you are a B. Dent’s patient there is practically no downtime for you and you can go back to your everyday activities the next day. Slight pain or discomfort after the surgery can be managed by analgetics prescribed by the dentist.

Dr. Adrea said: “Dental Implants Award 2018 for our clinic has been a verification of our quality and high professional approach for All-on-Four dental procedures we do and our commitment to implement world trends in dental care, and seek even higher quality level.”

The results speak for themselves

  1. Before
  2. After
all on 4 xray

The patient’s X-ray after completed All-on-4 treatment

Is all-on-4 treatment for you? Check! The concept is most suitable for patients with little jaw bone mass, and the specifics of the procedure do not call for bone reconstruction, which makes the whole process extremely fast and affordable. Contact the clinic and see what dr. Andrea and dr. Jelena can do for your smile.



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