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Dental Implants Award 2018 for Bagatin Clinic – best Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment

DentalimplantsFriends have the pleasure to present another winner of Dental Implants Award 2018Bagatin Clinic from Zagreb. This Croatian clinic has been awarded for their outstanding achievements in Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment.

Bagatin Clinic is a patient-oriented dental clinic and this can be observed in every segment of their patients’ journey to a new smile, from the initial consultation and diagnostics, through treatments and procedures, up to recovery and follow-up. The clinic employs two experienced oral surgeons, 7 dental nurses and 16 members of customer service staff. Many of the clinic’s patients come from Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, and even the USA. Bagatin Clinic is also a favourite dental centre for many Croatian celebrities and models. Bagatin offers competitive dental implants prices – a single tooth implant cost starts from EUR918.

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Bagatin Clinic offers services from preventive dentistry to complex full mouth reconstruction, focusing on tooth implants, oral surgeries and prosthetics (crowns, veneers, overdentures). The dental centre is a one-stop shop for all dental procedures and a perfect choice for patients from abroad looking for more affordable full mouth reconstruction procedures. The dentists at Bagatin Clinic create smile makeovers, help the patients get their confidence back, correct any dental health problems and perform full mouth rehabilitation. The clinic’s patients can expect top-shelf dental technologies applied and great skills of the dentists. Every patient of Bagatin Clinic receives a custom-made, comprehensive dental treatment plan that takes into account the specific needs and wants of each patient.

dental implants award 2018 bagatin clinic

Dental Implants Award 2018 for Bagatin Clinic

Best Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment

Why Bagatin Clinic was awarded for Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment? What does the process look like at the clinic? Let’s look at the steps:

  • initial dental examination and consultation,
  • listening to the patient – after examination dental specialists define the problem(s) and listen to patients’ expectations,
  • diagnostics – the next step is the process of diagnostics as the key in determining the right course of action and necessary procedures. Dentists use digital radiographic images of teeth and jawbones which give a detailed insight and analysis of the anatomic structure of teeth, diagnosis of caries and granuloma, and current state and thickness of bones.
  • digital smile design – this means patients can actually see their new smile simulation prior to the actual treatment. The digital smile design simulation takes into account the patient’s facial characteristics so that dentists can create a natural and proportional look. Also, it is a great benefit for the patients who can take part in creating their own future smile. If they wish to change anything and it does not conflict with the treatment plan, the clinic’s dentists will always consider patients’ wishes. The primary goal of smile design at Bagatin Clinic implies oral rehabilitation which will satisfy patients’ aesthetic expectations and ensure healthy and natural-looking teeth.
  • detailed treatment plan – based on the X-rays, examination and digital smile design the dentists determine an optimal, completely individualized treatment plan and then decide upon the next steps in the process. Very often this process includes several different phases.

Full Mouth Reconstruction – case study

As every full mouth reconstruction is different, Bagatin Clinic has decided to share with us a short case study followed by before/after photos of dental implants.

  1. The first phase in this case included tooth extraction and treatment, followed by endodontic treatment and glass-ceramic dowel extension in order to strengthen the centre of the tooth.
  2. After these treatments, the second phase included the implantation of Straumann dental implants. Dental implants are the best solution for natural look and healthy teeth. The implants are embedded in the jaw bone at the place where the teeth are missing and on the parts where dental crowns, bridges or detachable prosthetics will be.
  3. After three months, enough bone has generated around the tooth implant and the final phase can begin. We used the most advanced CAD/CAM technology for the precise production of prosthetic replacements. Finally, most of the damaged teeth were replaced with 26 ceramic crowns which completely imitate the teeth colour, protect them from further damage and prevent possible decay. Our ultimate goal is restoring teeth functionality but also bringing back the smile on their faces.

A few questions to Bagatin Clinic

Dental Implants Friends have spoken to Tea Hitner, Business Development Manager for Medical Tourism at Bagatin Clinic.

bagatin clinic croatia award

DIF: Why did you apply for Dental Implants Award 2018?

Tea Hitner: Receiving international awards like Dental Implants Award serves as a benchmark of performance which demonstrates that our facility is officially in accordance with international standards and thus meets the requirements of international patients. The Dental Implants Award 2018 enables us to show our patients that we are ranked among the best in our field which gives us a competitive edge in attracting patients from abroad.

DIF: What does it mean to you to win the award for best Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment?

Tea Hitner: We strive to offer an unparalleled clinical expertise customized to patients’ needs and being awarded for excellence by an unbiased organization, like Dental Implants Friends, shows us that we are going in the right direction. This recognition of professional achievements for full mouth reconstruction procedures is a motivation for the ongoing improvement and maintaining the highest level of quality of our medical services and patient care.

Let’s look at some other patients’ before and after photos.

dental implants before after

tooth implants before and after

If full mouth reconstruction is something that you need, contact Bagatin Clinic via our website so that you can benefit from free online consultation and receive a quote on your dental case. Did you know that the clinic also offers plastic surgeries? See more photos of the clinic on Dental Implants Friends Instagram.



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