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Dental Implants Award 2018 for All Dental Travel – Agency of the Year

All Dental Travel has been awarded Dental Implants Award 2018 in the category of the best Agency of the Year. The company is a full-service facilitator for dental tourism in Bulgaria. All Dental Travel was established in 2014 and its services attract dental patients from western and central Europe.

Based on dental patients’ feedback and own research, Dental Implants Friends jury panel has decided to award All Dental Travel based on a few factors. The agency has established partnerships with certified and nationally accredited dentists in Bulgaria and with a network of affiliated travel agencies and hotels that offer standard or luxury accommodation for international patients.

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dental implants friends award 2018 best agency

All Dental Travel – the Agency of the Year

The biggest advantage of All Dental Travel is that its services are free to all patients. Thanks to the agency’s assistance patients do not have to worry about the organizational details. As an international patient you will receive assistance before, during and after your dental treatment, including personal adviser, phone and e-mail consultations. What does the process look like? After you land at Sofia International Airport, you will be greeted and picked up by All Dental Travel representative who will also drive you to your hotel accommodation. What is more, every patient receives a mobile phone with a Bulgarian phone number so that they can be in touch with the agency if they have any doubts or questions. All Dental Travel team coordinates all dental appointments, arranging accommodation and free time, and hotel-clinic, hotel-airport transfers if required.

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How do I know if the clinic recommended by All Dental Travel is good for me?

The agency’s team has extensive professional and personal experience (they are dental patients, too) working with various clinics and can easily ensure you are also fully informed to make smart decisions about your dental treatment.

All Dental Travel does not just work with any dental clinic. The agency cooperates only with clinics that offer quality materials, dental implants and use the latest technologies. The recommended dentists have more than 10 years of experience in dentistry. The agency also works with experienced dental labs that adhere to modern standards in dental prosthetics.

dental implants award for all dental travel

Traiana Kambareva, General Manager and Dimitar Dimitrov, Business Development Manager

Dorothy from Dental Implants Friends has asked Traiana Kambareva, All Dental Travel’s General Manager, a few questions about the award:

DIF: Why did you apply for Dental Implants Award 2018?

All Dental Travel: We decided to apply in this category (“Agency of the Year”) because we believe that Dental Implants Award 2018 is one of the best ways to validate the quality of our agency’s services. Being recognized by the Dental Implants Award 2018 is a great honour for us. We have gained trust of many international patients and we hope to help even more patients in the future.

DIF: What does it mean to you to win the award in this category?

All Dental Travel: We, at All Dental Travel, know that each patient who contacts our agency has already done extensive research to find the best clinic offering dental implants for the best price. And still patients continue to trust us and choose our services in the end. Because they know that we deliver. We are grateful that Dental Implants Friends have taken patients’ feedback into consideration. This is why the Agency of the Year 2018 award makes us proud and very pleased. It is a recognition of the quality, attention, and commitment of our staff to what we do. We are happy that we can make a difference in people’s lives.

all dental travel bulgaria

All Dental Travel Team

If you would like to find out more about All Dental Travel’s services, check their full offer here. Contact the agency so that their coordinators can offer you their free assistance in selecting dental clinic in Bulgaria, transport and free time.

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