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Dental Implants Award 2018 – Implantcenter Dentistry and Oral Surgery – Innovations

ImplantCenter Dentistry and Oral Surgery Clinic Budapest received the Dental Implants Award 2018 for Innovations. The clinic opened in 2004 and, from the start, its name has been associated with innovation, the use of world-class technologies, quality dental materials and the highly qualified and internationally experienced team.

ImplantCenter has managed not only to keep the high standard throughout the years but it has continuously been improving its services. The clinic’s floor area has increased by tenfold to 1,800m², and in 2015 a new oral surgery department was opened. Besides well-equipped eight dental rooms, also three  oral surgery rooms have become available to the patients. All surgery rooms are suitable for ambulatory oral surgery, and uniquely in Hungarian private dental care, ImplantCenter opened their first operating room in November 2017. With this fourth surgery room, the biggest and most fully equipped one, dentists can implement more complex treatments in one-day oral surgery procedure. As a part of the service, the clinic offers 1- and 2-bed private rooms and medical assistance for patients post-surgery.

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dental implants award 2018 hungary

Responding to the need of demanding international patients, since 2016, ImplantCenter in Budapest has also been offering cosy and comfortable apartments for patients wish to rest after their dental implant treatment.

Dental treatment at ImplantCenter in Budapest

Implantcenter has always specialized in dental implants. The clinic’s internationally trained dental team of professionals, with more than 20 years of expertise has successfully inserted over 28,000 dental implants during the years, out of which 2,000 only in 2017. ImplantCenter Dentistry and Oral Surgery Clinic Budapest has been using the best quality material brands as Nobel Biocare or Camlog and offers implant guarantee. When providing a treatment plan for patients, the dentists always take into consideration both their medical status and patients’ preferences in order to find the best solution.

DentalimplantsFriends have awarded the clinic for their outstanding innovations and developments that result in practical experience of the 27,000 successfully placed implants. Implantcenter has become a unique private dental and oral surgical clinic in Hungary, Budapest, having the opportunity to solve even more complex and seemingly “hopeless” patient cases.

The clinic welcomes patients regardless of their age, language and the level of complexity of their dental situation. Dental specialists in Budapest believe that there is no impossible case for them – they are proud of their 20 years of experience, great facilities and the usage of the newest technology.

dental implants budapest

Implantcenter Budapest Team with the Award

DentalimplantsFriends have spoken to Krisztina Jászai, Marketing Director, at Implantcenter Dentistry and Oral Surgery about the award and their work:

DIF: Why did you apply for Dental Implants Award 2018?

Krisztina Jászai: At ImplantCenter the guiding principle has always been the use of world-class technologies and techniques, good quality materials and the employment of a highly qualified and internationally experienced team. Since 2015 we have been continuously expanding our practice and improving the level of the services offered. Also, I would like to invite new patients to our newly opened and fully equipped operating room suited for dental implant surgeries and bone grafts and our cosy private post-surgery rooms.

dental center hungary

DIF: What does it mean to your practice to win the award in the Innovation?

Krisztina Jászai: We aim to offer a solution to every patient’s dental problem, to provide comprehensive services and to facilitate their speedy recovery. We feel truly rewarded by every patient’s success story, happy to see their confident and broad smiles after treatment at our clinic. What is more, applying for Dental Implants Award 2018, competing and winning against the best dental clinics in the world means a lot to our team and confirms that we are moving in the right direction.

Patient before & after photos – ImplantCenter in Budapest

Case 1. Alain

  1. Before
  2. After

Case 2. Christine

  1. Before
  2. After

Case 3.

  1. Before
  2. After

Case 4. Teresa

  1. Before
  2. After

If you are considering having affordable dental implant treatment abroad, Hungary is one of the best places to travel to. It has a long-term tradition of dental tourism and Hungarian clinics offer value for money. Check the full offer of Implantcenter Dentistry and Oral Surgery in Budapest and contact the clinic for a quote and details.


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