Dental Implants AWARD – which best dental clinics in the world will be awarded?

Dental patients around the world are becoming increasingly demanding. They expect painless and stress-free treatment with minimal trauma performed by experienced and professional dentists in sterile conditions. They also expect high quality patient service and travel support, friendly staff, affordable cost and complete transparency of the offer. DentalimplantsFriends understand all these demands. Therefore we have created a campaign with an aim to help dental patents with their search for the best dental clinic for their needs.

Every month recognizes top dental surgeons and best dental clinics in the world by awarding them with Trusted Clinic and Trusted Surgeon certificates. However, we do more than. DentalimplantsFriends would like to publicly recognize the achievements of dental implant clinics, oral surgeons, tooth implant producers, dental agencies in the area of dental treatment through the Dental Implants AWARD.

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Every year the Dental Implants AWARD is given to those implant centres and manufacturers who dare to innovate and stand out in dental field as well as to applicants who present extraordinary dental solutions in their daily work, excel in patient satisfaction and are renowned for best dental implants abroad.

The award will be issued in three categories:

  1. Clinic of the Year – excelling in all-on-four treatment.
  2. Clinic of the Year – specializing in full mouth reconstruction
  3. Surgeon of the Year

Dental Implants Award: Clinic of the Year – All-On-Four Treatment

The award will go to best dental clinics in the world that provide of All-On-Four treatment which excels in the technology used, approach to the patient, the treatment delivery and the transparency of the clinic’s pricing and offer.

Dental Implants Award: Clinic of the Year – Full Mouth Reconstruction

The award in this category will be granted to top dental clinics in the world which are leaders in diagnostics and provide the best full mouth reconstruction treatment, comprehensive patient care and best results produced by their team of periodontists, oral surgeons, orthodontists or endodontists.

Dental Implants Award: Surgeon of the Year

The Surgeon of the Year Award is going to go to a dental surgeon whose professional work code of conduct can be set as an example to other professionals. The best awarded oral surgeon is innovative, with wide expertise in oral and maxillofacial surgery and offers patient-tailored treatment approach.

About Dental Implants Award

Dental Implants AWARD main function is to promote transparency among dental clinics worldwide and keep healthy competition in place where it is much needed. On the whole, dental patients prefer dental offices where dental experts are recognized and awarded for their real and concrete accomplishments. In such a case it is easier for consumers to make a well-informed and smart decision about their future treatment. They would rather put their oral health in the hands of oral surgeons and clinics where they can be sure they receive professional service.

DentalimplantsFriends are in the process of collecting applications from dental clinics, maxillofacial surgeons and tooth implant manufacturers. If you are a dental patient and know a clinic that excels in dental implant treatment, let them know that they can apply for Dental Implants AWARD in one of the three categories.

If you are an oral surgeon or run a dental clinic, accept the challenge, apply and win the Dental Implants AWARD!

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