Implant Brands – What is the Popular Choice

Did you know that different dental implant brands include very different implants for various clinical conditions? Yes, dental implants come in all shapes and sizes: they can be long and narrow (ideal for your front pearly whites) or short and thick (to be placed at the back of your mouth). Some of them can even be loaded immediately.

The best brand of dental implants?

Obviously, you would want your dentist to pick the leading dental implant brand for you. And to make it affordable. However, the former may be difficult, as there are many superb dental implant manufacturers on the market producing high quality and wide range of teeth implants. The latter is easy: tooth implants overseas are extremely affordable. In order to get “the best of the best” speak to your dentist and make sure you find out this information:

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the tooth implants have to meet FDA requirements (US Food and Drug Administration). This is standard now – almost all largest, oldest and most respected brands of dental implants adhere to FDA regulations. You should find this information on the official website of the implant brand you are looking at.
how long the company has been on the market. This will tell you a bit about the company’s experience and history. Check the ABOUT US section on the brand’s official website.
what grade of titanium is used in the implants. Grade 1 is the best one. You may ask your dentist to check it for you as this information can be difficult to find at times.

Are you curious why titanium, not other alloy? Did you know that titanium implants were developed through a totally accidental discovery in 1952? It was Dr. Brånemark, a Swedish doctor, who discovered that when titanium came into contact with bone and was left undisturbed, the bone grew against the surface of the metal. Titanium implants are truly a breakthrough point in dentistry!

Implants brands – differences

The main difference between the leading brands in implant dentistry is design and the trick is in choosing the right implant for the patient’s case. The technology is there within the reach and all you need as a patient is proper planning by your surgeon and their skills in placing the implants.
One of the most popular choices of dental professionals is NobelBioCare (to find out more discover NobelBioCare implants). The brand’s success has been built on 60 years of experience in the field! It is all thanks to the pioneering work of Dr. Brånemark who placed the first dental implant in the world in 1965.

Since that time the brand has received numerous awards:

  • Readers of Inside Dentistry magazine voted Nobel Biocare their top choice for implant systems in the magazine’s Readers’ Choice 2016 survey;
  • Nobel Biocare’s NobelActive implant was named in the list of Top 25 Implant Products selected by Dentistry Today magazine readers in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015;
  • Products from the NobelActive family were previously named “Best Product” by Dental Product Shopper in both 2009 and 2012, with Portuguese title Saúde Oral naming NobelActive as “Best Implant 2011”.

The company continues to grow and develop new implant types.

Hundreds of dental clinics, including the clinics we work with (see the list here), use Nobel implants in their practices. This type of implant provides very high primary stability no matter if we are dealing with soft bone, extraction sockets, or the aesthetic area. In complicated dental cases and with demanding patients Nobel implants are a great choice.

Excellent dental aesthetics with best tooth implant brands

In the end of the day, it is all about the final aesthetic result and restoring proper eating functions. This is exactly what you need: to look good, to feel good and you probably dream about biting into an apple again with “your own” teeth! NobelActive implants are designed for those natural-looking aesthetic results.

Wide Platform implant – limited space is not a problem anymore

best dental implant brand nobel

If you are missing a tooth or teeth in your lower jaw, for example the lower incisors, ask your dentist about NobelActive 3.0. These Nobel implants are specifically designed for narrow spaces, such as lower incisors, where conventional implants previously could not be placed. If you are missing a posterior tooth, there is also a suitable solution for you. The new Wide Platform (WP) implant is designed for posterior teeth that require a wider base. It helps create a natural-looking profile for the molar crown, and its shorter implant body helps to avoid critical anatomical structures.

Top dental implants manufacturers

Some of the leading dental implants manufacturers include Nobel BioCare, Straumann Implants, BioHorizons, Alpha-Bio Tec™ Implant post, MIS Implants and Astra Tech. These brands are the top names in industry. All of the produce top quality implants, the only difference is design. What matters is choosing the right implant for the specific dental case. Still the implantation success largely depends on your dentist’s surgical skills and expertise.

Nobel implants maintain high stability during the healing process through fast bone formation and promotes long-term success. What is important, this implant brand is covered by a lifetime product warranty. Are you looking for overseas clinics that use Nobel implants? We can help. Complete dentalimplantsfriends online questionnaire and get the list of the clinics that suit your needs. Dentalimplantsfriends experts are always ready to help if you have additional questions.

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  1. wow! I didn’t know that implants have such long history! what are the other reliable dental implants brands?? Thanks, Gina.

  2. Do you know where I can find some dental implant brands reviews? I’m interested in Straumann, Nobelbiocare and Dentsply.

  3. I had crowns and implants at a great clinic in hungary. If you want I can give you the details in a priv msg. They have top dental implant brands. Everything’s fine. even after 4 years!

  4. I’m American and I’m a dental lab technician currently training in Euorpe. I can confirm that here they have top dental implant brands. Europe is a leader in that… no doubt!

    • Hi Michael,
      tooth implants are typically made of titanium which is biocompatible material accepted by the body and serves as a strong and sturdy foundation for tooth replacement. However, some clinic also offer ceramic implants. You can also read more here.
      Implant crowns are usually made of porcelain/ceramic. Typical types of crowns include:
      – ceramic
      – porcelain-fused to metal
      – gold alloy (not often used nowadays.
      You can find more information about basal implants here. Good luck!

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