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Basic information about Poland

Can high quality dental treatment be affordable? Is it possible? Yes, if you take into consideration dental clinics in Poland, you will find that they offer very good quality cosmetic dentistry and European standard patient care at a pocket-friendly cost. Poland is situated in the heart of Europe. It’s been in the European Union since 2004. Since that time many international patients, especially those from Great Britain, Germany or France, have been researching health tourism in Poland. Most patients seek cosmetic or oral surgery dentistry treatments, like dental implants, dentures, bridges, bone grafts, all-on-4 or all-on6 implants and veneers, as they are the most expensive treatments in their home countries. The feedback from Polish and international patients is very positive: Polish dentists are professional, well-trained, attend international dental workshops and conferences, work on expensive, advanced equipment, use best dental materials and, most of all, speak fluent English.

Cost of dental implants in Poland

How much are dental implants in Poland? Dental implants belong to one of the most costly treatments in the UK and the USA. They are much more affordable in Europe where education, business costs and labour are definitely cheaper than abroad. However, please note that “cheaper” here does not mean worse quality in any way. The era of poor quality and painful dentistry is long gone in Europe. Modern dental clinics in Poland continue to attract travellers from abroad with their stress-free patient approach, painless treatments and leading manufacturers’ materials (implants, porcelain crowns or veneers, fillings, pain management systems). The cost of dental implants in Poland: €670-€1,500 which can be a bargain compared to what you would have to pay in western clinics. The most known and often frequented dental implant destinations in Poland include the biggest Polish cities: Krakow, Katowice and Gdansk. They meet or exceed dental office standards of cleanliness, code of conduct and patient care. Many initial consultations are conducted online, via Skype, patients are offered convenient and comfortable accommodation during the stay and emergency contact services with dentists.

Affordable dental implants in Poland by experienced dentists

Dental clinics in Krakow offer first class cosmetic, orthodontic and oral surgery services aimed at consumers who shop around and compare prices and services before they choose the best clinic. Most of their patients are British, Irish, German or American patients. Krakow, being a world heritage site listed by UNESCO, is a perfect dental holiday option for everyone.  You will not be disappointed with the experience and dental treatment at a Krakow clinic. Dental clinics in Gdansk, a seaside city in the north of Poland, accepts patients coming from the neighbouring countries such as Germany, the Scandinavian countries and eastern countries like Belarus or Russia, who want to save money on their dental treatment.

    • Country: Poland
    • Continent: Europe
    • Capital: Warsaw
    • Language: Polish
    • Currency: Zloty
    • Calling code: +48
    • Time Zone: UTC+01:00 (CET)
    • Airports: 17
    • Population: 38 221 584

Dental Implants in Poland

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