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Basic information about Spain

Each year thousands of patients refuse to undergo dental treatment due to unaffordable health care costs or a very long waiting list. At the same time thousands of international patients visit gorgeous Spain to get high-quality dental care at great prices. Why is dental treatment in Spain incredibly popular among international patients? Multilingual private dental centers in Spain offer excellent dental care along with good savings on dental implant treatment. More than that, many of Spain’s dental clinics are located in some of the country’s sunniest locations so that patients can enjoy the benefits of local attractions and peaceful beaches after or during their dental restoration. Spanish dentists and oral surgeons, who are top class specialists in the field of cosmetic dentistry, have spent many years perfecting their skills and knowledge. Modern Spanish dental clinics offer top notch dental care at budget-friendly prices, allowing patients to combine their unique holiday with dental treatment in Spain. If you search for safe and affordable dental implants treatment abroad, you can undoubtedly trust Spanish dental centres that have state-of-the-art facilities and use the top-quality teeth implants from renowned manufactures such as Noble Biocare or Klockner. If you are interested in the best value-for-money dental treatment in Spain, check out the dental clinics listed by dentalimplantsfriends and make your choice. You can also complete an online questionnaire, and you will get a list of Spanish dental centres that best satisfy your needs, and allow you to save up to 50%-70% over the US or the UK. If you ask if affordable dental care exists at all, our answer would be yes, it does.  It is dental care in Spain.

    • Country: Spain
    • Continent: Europ
    • Capital: Madrid
    • Language: Spanish
    • Currency: Euro
    • Calling code: +34
    • Time Zone: UTC - UTC+01:00 / CET
    • Airports: 61
    • Population: 47 199 069

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