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Basic information about Vietnam

Vietnam is an astonishing and exotic country which visited once makes you want to visit it again. Tourists visit Vietnam not only for its natural beauty, unique heritage and fantastic cuisine but also for affordable dental services. Due to low-cost flight fares many tourists nowadays decide to travel abroad for their dental work. Many of them plan to combine their holidays in Asia with dental or cosmetic treatment. International patients can benefit from quality dental implant treatment at patient-friendly prices. The average price for a single dental implant (including the abutment and the crown) in Vietnam is €800. This is up to 70% cheaper than tooth implants in Western European countries. Vietnamese dental clinics are equipped with the newest modern dental equipment and use reliable dental materials. Vietnamese dentists concentrate on quality dental implant surgery which causes minimal trauma to the patient. Dental professionals in Vietnam are experienced in all dental fields. Most dental clinics place a few hundred tooth implants a year and provide their patients with a wide range of services covering dental implantation, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery, and general dentistry. Book your initial consultation at a dental clinic in Vietnam and benefit from dental implant treatment at pocket-friendly price.

    • Country: Vietnam
    • Continent: Asia
    • Capital: Hanoi
    • Language: Vietnamese
    • Currency: đồng
    • Calling code: +385
    • Time Zone: UTC+07:00
    • Airports: 21
    • Population: 94,569,072

Dental Implants in Vietnam

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