Dental Implants – everything you need to find the best clinic!
– everything you need to find the best clinic.

Thinking of you and other patients from around the world who are planning to have dental implants, we have created a unique Friend-to-Friends Platform: The platform will help you find both useful information about the treatment and a lot of unique tools that will allow you to easily decide on choosing the right clinic.

We want to help you find the right clinic whose offer will be aligned with your expectations. We are guided by the idea BE SMART- BE SAFE! Wise and thoughtful decisions will protect you against unwanted consequences and disappointment. What do you need to make a wise decision? The answer is simple: reliable information and effective tools that you can find only on

We firmly believe that we have friends to inspire and help us make right decisions☺!

SMART Certificates
Clinics and Physicians Certification

Clinics and physicians who meet certain criteria receive our special certificates which certify the transparency and quality of services.

  • Trusted Clinic Certificate™ – these are awarded to Clinics which describe their methods, method of operation and the cost of treatment in a clear manner.
  • Trusted Surgeon Certificate™ – these are awarded to Physicians with a verifiable 10 or more years’ experience in performing dental implants.

Certificates awarded by confirm the experience, reliability, quality of treatment, transparency and acting in accordance with medical ethics.

SMART Clinic Profile™
Clinic profiles on

We want to help you find the right clinic which will offer treatment type aligned with your expectations. To make this task easy, we have built a unique global database of medical centers which perform dental implants.

With you in mind, we have developed SMART Clinic ProfileTM. Rarely published, unique and not readily available information will allow you to more easily decide on choosing the right clinic.

You will find information concerning:

  • the experience of the clinic and the physicians employed by it
  • offers and medical procedures in terms of dental implants, including information on the manufacturer of implants, used by the clinic
  • total, actual cost of treatment in a particular clinic
  • programs and special medical packages that will allow you to take advantage of preferential offers for dental implants
  • free and paid-for additional services, which the clinic offers
  • the distance from the airport, the nearest hotel or city center
  • languages used to communicate with patients
  • treatment promotions and discounts – VOUCHER

Also, in SMART Clinic Profile™ you will find videos, photos, presentations, evaluations and opinions issued by the clinic patients who were treated there. You also can write your own feedback to help other patients make the right choice!

SMART Patients Tools is the only place in the world where you can find unique tools designed specifically for patients opting to go abroad in order to have dental implants:

  • Dental Implants Guide™
    The complete guide for all those who are planning to have dental implants. The guide contains all the necessary information about the specifics of this type of treatments. This guide will help you find useful information concerning indications for surgeries, the type of their execution, the types of implants and the risks associated with this type of treatments.
  • Dental Implant Clinic Matching Test™
    Unique, proven tools, helping you select the best clinics that meet your expectations. The service is free of charge and supported by experienced consultants. They analyze your preferences and based on your information, select up to 3 clinics which they will contact with questions. The clinic will contact you directly.
  • Best Dental Implant Clinics Ranking™
    Special reports prepared by our service consultants, where you will find the comparison of the best clinics in the region or country.
  • Dental Implants Treatment Voucher™ is the only one in the world to publish discount treatment Vouchers. You can find dental implants Vouchers on a separate page, in the clinic listing and the clinic profile. Vouchers provided by various clinics are available only on the website
  • CLINpare™ – Clinics Compare Tool
    Compare the selected clinics online. The site provides a side-by-side comparison in a special table. This display allows you to easily check differences among specific clinics. The comparison will show all items that are available in the clinic profile, including medical costs.
  • The most often compared clinics by patients
    This website will provide you instant access to clinics which are most often compared by Patients using
  • Dental Implants Worldwide Costs Guide™
    Dental Implants Worldwide Costs GuideTM
    A global map comparing the average cost of treatment anywhere in the world. You will find out in which areas of the world the costs of dental implants are the lowest. Community
Knowledge exchange – Patients and Experts

Here you will find topic-related materials prepared by experts from around the world. This part of the site is “for the inquiring minds” who want to learn more about medical treatment abroad, new procedures/techniques and medical implants.

If you have already had dental implants, we encourage you to publish your story on our blog, regardless of whether or not you are satisfied with the results. Your story will be certain to help other men and women, who are just starting their journey.

We are positive that will be instrumental in helping you make a wise decision about choosing the best place that suits your needs! Good luck!

Our website, clinic profiles and Patients’ tools have been developed based on our many years’ experience in medical tourism – with particular focus on invaluable guidance of our Friends – Patients who travel all over the world to realize their dreams.

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