The Cost of dental implants

Dental implant replacement is the best way to deal with missing teeth no matter the reason for their loss.

Here you will learn all the cost of dental implant and the factors which influence the prices, to help you estimate the approximate cost of your dental implant treatment.

Dental implant average price and influencing factors

Dental implant treatment has the highest success rate in missing tooth replacement, but is also one of the most expensive treatments for missing teeth. It should also be noted that dental implants are the most cost-efficient treatment for missing teeth when the long-term success is taken under consideration.

The factors that influence the cost of the treatment depends on which dentist or dental surgeon specialist you choose. Other factors would be the kind of the implant that will be placed, how many missing teeth need to be replaced, and how many implants will be needed to support those teeth. If you choose All-on-4 you might need just 4 to 6 implants, making the treatment less expensive, but not as durable as standard implants.

Another significant factor would be insurance. If your insurance has a lot of coverage, your expenditure may be much lower. An estimated price will be given after the first consultation with your dentist.

Depending on where you live, the costs range from $3800 in the USA to less than $1000 for a single tooth replacement in Europe or South America. However, there are additional costs for abutments and crowns, which could significantly increase the total price. Sometimes there are also additional procedures needed, including bone grafting, surgical extractions or tooth modeling, which again could raise the price to as much as $10000 in the US or up to $3000 in Europe. Very often clinics don’t include the additional costs of bone grafting, normal or surgical extractions, x-rays or CT scans in their headline price.

Some examples:

A simple bone grafting could cost from between $200 – $1200 or if you need a complex bone grafting up to $3000 in the US. Prices in Europe and South America will be significantly lower.

A simple extraction costs in the region of $100 – $300 but if a surgical extraction is needed, this can go up to about $700.

To all this you need to take into account the cost of x-rays, CT scans, etc. If you’re going abroad for your treatment, remember to factor in the cost of travel and accommodation.

Multiple dental implant replacement costs

In cases of multiple missing teeth, multiple dental implant replacements are recommended so that the costs are more reasonable than if you had to replace all of the teeth individually. One of the least expensive options for replacing a complete set of missing teeth is to have a All-on-4 procedure, which is a system of 4 implants in both the lower and upper jaw. However, because the upper jaw is more delicate, 6 implants are sometimes required. The All-on-4 was developed as a temporary rather than a long-term solution.

Again keep in mind that the prices in US are usually much higher than in Europe or South America and some countries of Asia. Dental bridges supported on 2 to 6 implants cost from between $3500 and $ 30 000, while – full top and bottom implant supported dentures can cost on average $34 000 but up to $100 000.

Costs abroad

Many people travel across the world for lower price dental implant replacement treatments abroad. The most popular destinations include Central, South and Eastern Europe, India, South America and Africa. However you need to be cautious. Don’t travel to another country for treatment before you investigate the clinic you want to visit. It is also a good idea not to go for the cheapest price, as it is simply impossible to offer the same quality treatment below the average price in most private clinics.

Factors that could influence the price of treatments abroad:

  • Tests, X-rays or CT scans or even the initial consultation might not be included in the price
  • The difficulty and complexity of all the procedures, including bone grafting and extractions
  • Type of dental implants and brand of materials
  • The number of teeth to be replaced
  • The prosthodontics production
  • All additional procedures, including sinus lift or bone grafting, etc
  • The experience of the dentist
  • Location of the treatment
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