When dental implants fails, what’s next?

Although Dental implants are very safe with a high success rate there are still cases when the treatment fails. Here you will learn what to do if the dental implants fail.

What to do when the implant fails?

First thing to remember that if the dental implant fails it’s not the end of the world and the implant may be saved. If a patient acts quickly and the defect is discovered soon enough, the bone and gums can be treated and the implant saved. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases the implant can’t be saved and it needs to be removed so that the bone and gum tissue can heal. The dental implant can be placed again up to a year later or when the dentist says that the bone and gums have recovered enough. If the implant fails because of insufficient bone, a bone graft may be required required. However, whether the graft can be used depends on how well the implat site has healed. A bone graft raises the success rate of a dental implant.

There is a chance that the dental implant fails repeatedly. If this is the case it could be due to several different reasons. It could mean that the patient’s bone density is insufficient or that the patient is allergic to the implants.

Figure out the source of the problem

The ideal way to approach such problems is to make an appointment with a different dentist and get a second opinion. This dentist will also have the chance to check the work of the previous dentist.

If the second opinion confirms that there were medical errors done during the treatment or that the dentist went through with the dental surgery despite the state of your bone and gum tissue you can approach this matter in two ways. Either you can ask for a refund or consult a lawyer who will find out if there was malpractice and that you are due compensation.

In cases of failure due to mechanical damage or a lack of oral care the dentist may be able to offer tooth restoration.

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