Dilemmas concerning Dental implants

Although dental implant replacement is a very safe treatment with high success rates, it is still a serious procedure that needs to be thought through. Each patient should consider the dilemmas and risks involved with dental implants and additional procedures which may have to be done in some cases. Deciding to replace missing teeth with dental implants is also a significant financial expenditure.

Risks and complications that need to be considered when deciding on dental implants.

There are various complications during or after the dental implant treatment. First of all infections may occur. The inflammation around the dental implant, called peri-implantitis, is one of the most common. If this happens the implant most probably will have to be removed. Peri-implantitis could develop even years after the dental implant replacement. Smoking, diabetes and poor oral hygiene increases the chances of having contracting peri-implantitis.

Another possible issue is the failure of osseointegration. This happens when the bone doesn’t fuse with the implant and may cause the implant to fall out.

Your treatment could also fail due to overloading. It happens when the immediate loading method is used. Protruding crowns are subjected to biting forces which disrupt the osseointegration process. Giving the fusion more time to complete, lowers the chances of overloading.

There is also a risk of damaging the nerves. This happens when the places the implant too close to the nerves in error. This will cause severe pain and the implant will have to be removed and the treatment site restored until it can be treated again.

Other dilemmas

Dental implant replacement is an expensive procedure and we have to bear in mind that there’s a small chance that something might go wrong. Your body could reject the implant, for example, or implant could get accidently damaged. In such cases, you would be unlikely to be due a refund. In cases where body rejects the implant, other options may be open to you. In the latter case, restorative dental implant procedures may be an option, albeit a costly one.

These are rare situations and it is important to remember that almost no other medical procedures and no dental procedures can compare with the safety and success rates of dental implant treatment.

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