Do I need a consultation before Dental implant?

Why do you need a consultation?

A consultation is essential in order to determine whether a patient is suitable for dental implant replacement treatment. This consultation should be conducted by a dentist, a prosthodontist or a periodontist. A patient needs to have his teeth, bone and gums examined to make a diagnosis and be able to draw up a plan of treatment. Even the advertised “teeth in a day” treatments require a consultation and planning.

Consultations are necessary to determine if the bone is sufficient for dental implant replacement. Usually, to do this X-rays or computed tomography must be conducted. These are also very helpful in determining where should the dental implants be placed.

During the consultation, the dentist will recommend treatment for the patient. He will be able to do so after an examination of the condition of the patient’s jaws, teeth, bone and gums and interviewing him about oral hygiene and habits concerning oral health. If the dentist notices some problems, e.g. low bone density, bone grafting will be required. In case of any infections he will need to postpone the treatment until the infection has cleared up. On rare occasion, the dentist could disqualify the patient from dental implant treatment because of tobacco use.

The consultation is also needed in order to estimate the duration of the treatment, the number of visits needed and what the patient should and shouldn’t be feeling after the procedure. In case of having some unwanted symptoms post treatment the patient should immediately inform the dentist. Anesthesia should also be talked through during this conversation.

Is this dentist good for me?

A consultation is also needed for the patient to determine whether they want this particular dentist to perform their dental implant replacement.

There are a series of questions you can ask to make sure that this is the right dentist for the procedure:

What is your experience in dental implant treatments?

Ask about both the dentist’s education and clinical experience – whenever going to a dentist for more complicated procedures. The patient is entitled to know such information not only because their health is on the line but also because it is an expensive procedure. It is highly recommended that the dentist is an expert experienced in performing dental implant replacements.

All are the procedures done in the office?

This might look like a question of minor importance, however it is very important that the patient knows if any other doctors will be involved and whether the treatment will require additional transport or planning. Some dentists perform all the procedures in one office, while others only place the implants and the crowns are attached elsewhere. It is important to make sure you know whether one doctor will perform the entire treatment or if any procedures will be carried out by someone else.

Is crown damage in dental implants restoration an option?

It is worth finding out whether there is an option of restoration if the crowns get damaged. Before choosing the dentist it is very helpful to know whether the he offers restoration procedures.

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