Treatment qualification

Dental implant replacement is a serious procedure that involves dental surgery and, as with many other complicated treatments, has requirements on the potential patient.

What disqualifies a patient from dental implant treatment?

A person who has lost or who needs to have a tooth or multiple teeth removed is able to replace those created gaps with dental implants. Howeve,r losing a tooth does not automatically make a person a suitable candidate for dental implant replacement. There are diseases, allergies, infections, other health related conditions and behaviours which could disqualify a patient from having his teeth replaced with dental implants.

Diseases and conditions

If you are suffering from cancer, radiation of the jaws, untreated diabetes or if you have periodontal gum disease you may not be able to receive dental implant replacement treatment.

The dental surgeon needs to be aware about the details of your medical history. Keeping any significant information about your health from the dentist may affect the outcome of your treatment and may even pose a serious health risk.

Periodontal gum disease could negatively impact the process of bone and implant fusion and may lead to the rejection of the implant.


Behaviours including alcohol abuse or tobacco use disqualifies a patient from being able to undergo the dental implant replacement procedure. Smoking threatens many aspects of the treatment.
The general state of your oral hygiene is also important. To qualify for treatment you should keep your teeth and mouth clean and healthy.

What needs to be done to qualify for treatment?

First of all, you need to go for an initial consultation and be examined by a dentist who will inform you what can and can’t be done order to treat you. Most of the time X-rays and CT scans need to be performed in order to evaluate what treatment is needed. If there are still doubts more tests can be done, including a 3D cone scan. The dentist needs to evaluate whether you have sufficient bone for the dental implants to be properly supported.

Dental implant replacement is also a great option for people using dentures or bridges, if they meet the requirements.

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