Choosing the dental clinic

Competition in the dental market is so strong that survival becomes hard for clinics which offer average services. This doesn’t mean you should go to the first clinic you find on the web or see in advertisements. There are still dental clinics which would be great for treating a sick tooth but advertise dental implant treatments in which they may lack experience. To find a good dental expert clinic you need to consider many things:

Treatment offers

Before you decide on a clinic you should check if they are able to perform the procedure you want to undergo. You should also check if any of the procedures or additional procedures will take place outside their facility, at a different location. It would be very convenient to have all the procedures done in one place, but not the most important thing.

Success rates

Dental implant replacement is the most successful long-term treatment for missing teeth. Success rates go from 95% up to 98% however these rates are based on results from clinics which have expertise and experience in dental implant treatments. Make sure you ask for the statistics on success rates at a clinic and compare them to the standard.

Credentials, associations and experience

It is a very good sign when a clinic belongs to a dental association and has proper credentials and you should ask the clinic if they are members of such an association. Each country has different dental associations, so it is worth checking which associations operate there, and which qualifications guarantee expertise in dental implant treatment. Additionally you can check if the clinic operates under a code of ethics.

The price

The treatment price is one of the most significant factors when deciding for a clinic. First of all you should check if the treatment price include the cost of X-rays and CT scans or any additional procedures such as bone grafting, and whether there are any other costs not included in the quoted price.

The location

If you choose to stay in your chosen location for the duration of your treatment or return at a later date for additional procedures the cost of travel and accommodation can be a deciding factor. It may be that the dentist recommends further treatment or unforeseen complications force an extended stay in the location or repeated return visits. Potentially, the cost of travel and accommodation may exceed the cost of treatment.

Restoration treatments and emergency contact

Even at the best clinics, things can go wrong. In such cases it is important to have an emergency contact so a patient suffering from, for example, severe pain due can be seen without having to waiting. You should also check if the clinic offers dental implant restoration treatment so, if needed, repairs can be carried out by the original dentist.

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