Comparing costs

Dental implant replacement prices vary greatly from clinic to clinic and country to country.

The difference in prices may be because one treatment is quoted as all-inclusive, while the other doesn’t include the cost of tests, examinations or additional procedures.

There are different implant systems, some of which are more expensive than the other. It may also be due to differing quality of materials used, or the experience and training of the dentist.

The quality and cost of materials

Many people believe that a dental implant is a one step process, however, this is not the case. An implant is composed of three different parts. The first part is the implant, preferable made of titanium, which is fused with the bone via surgery. The second part is the abutment, which is joined to the implant, usually with small titanium screws. The third and final part is the crown, which is put on the abutment. One of the best materials for crowns is porcelain fused with metal. When comparing prices, make sure to take a look at the materials used in these specific parts. Most of good quality implants have guarantees, often for the lifetime of the product, so be sure to check this too.

When you compare two different clinics of seemingly similar quality of treatment, but with one offering a significantly lower price don’t forget to check the materials used in the implants.

The dentist’s payment

The prices can also vary as more experienced dentists will charge a higher fee. These higher costs reflect the training and experience of the dentist, along with their credentials and accreditation. Location of the clinic is also a factor in determining the fees of the dentist: a US-based dentist will charge more than a European-based dentist. This, in itself, is not an indication of quality, but rather a reflection of prevailing economic factors. A less expensive treatment abroad can be equally good.

Laboratory location

Very often the crowns for the dental implants are manufactured in a laboratory outside the clinic, often abroad. Some clinics have in-house laboratories allowing them to charge lower prices, leading to a lower final cost. It is worth asking the clinic whether they produce crowns in-house or outsource their manufacture.

There are many consideration when comparing prices, but you should remember that it is always better to spend a bit more and have peace of mind.

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