Dental tourism

Dental tourism, often referred to as dental vacations, is a branch of medical tourism. Dental tourists are patients searching for dental care combined with holidays abroad, very often in order to save money on treatments.

Dental tourism has been growing each year, raising competitiveness, improving technologies and techniques, while providing devices made from high quality materials. Patients choosing to go abroad for dental care save money without sacrificing quality of medical care, as standards of popular dental care destinations are extremely high.

Why go abroad for dental care?

There are many reasons people go abroad for medical treatments, however, in most cases, dental tourists decide to go abroad for dental care because of lower prices. Many people choose to visit specialists from neighbouring countries, for example people from such countries as Germany or Austria often go for treatments to Hungary or Slovakia: English dental tourists often go to Poland or Ukraine. Even though the prices are much lower in those countries, this is not an indication of lower quality of treatments, but is rather a reflection of economic differences.

Some dental tourists choose specific countries because of the better healthcare standards, while others use the opportunity to visit other countries and make a holiday of it.

Dental qualifications abroad

Dentists working within the European Union have to reach minimum standards imposed by their governments. There are European dental associations gathering and monitoring data on the services of the working dentists. Thanks to the requirements imposed by the EU and individual governments, dentists working in one country can apply to open a practice in any other European country.

The Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) works to standardise dental care throughout Europe.

When going for treatment abroad, remember to check if your dentist is accredited and certified by a proper legal body.

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