Evaluating Expertise & Credentials

It is often said that you can find anything on the Internet.If you need a dental expert the first thing you do is check the web. However, the Internet has such a bewildering range of information on health and medical subjects, it’s easy to get lost, and hard to know what to trust. 

These tips may help you evaluate the clinic’s expertise and credentials.

Qualifications and experience

If a clinic gives information about the credentials and experience of their staff, investigate and examine it. If the credentials are given by a dental association or organization you need to determine whether this information is credible and if this organization is entitled to grant such credentials.
There are questions you can ask:

  • Ask about the qualifications of the dentist and the organisation
  • Ask if the dentist is indeed a dental practitioner
  • Ask how close the organization work with dentists
  • Ask what type of expertise and education the dentist has
  • Ask about the dentists medical degree

Later you can cross check the information you get with a organization like the Food and Drug Administration, or the World Dental Federation or Council of European Dentists. There are many different organizations and associations around the world so you need to find the one working in the country you want to travel to.

You should also be skeptical about any research or documentation you are shown. Try to get a second opinion from someone who knows how to interpret such information.

Avoid any organisation which does not insist on a full dental examination prior to treatment, is less than exacting in taking your medical history or does not discuss treatment options or planning.

Education and credentials

Dental implant replacement should be done by a dentist with a degree in dental surgery.

It is also important that the dentist is recognised by dental associations and organizations. A good dentist continues his education and training to achieve perfection in his field of work.

Very often you can check the credentials and education of a dentist online. You can also read reviews online from other patients who have already used their services. You can check and then cross check all the information you find. Look for how long the dentist practice has been performing dental implant replacements. Take your time and make sure that the dentist you choose is an expert in dental implant replacement.

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