Popular dental implants destinations

30 years ago hardly anyone considered going abroad to see a dentist or a surgeon privately. Private clinics, airfares and accommodation were all prohibitively. How times have changed.

Get treatments abroad and save money

Transportation costs have fallen and even the most complex medical treatments are available almost anywhere around the globe. Competition in the market is rising and the prices are going down. According to “Patients beyond borders” the medical tourism industry is currently worth something between 38.5 to 55 billion dollars.

One of the fastest growing branches of medical tourism is dental care, especially dental implant treatment which is currently the best way to replace your natural tooth with almost an perfect copy of a natural tooth. Prices vary from country to country, so much so that in many cases, it is worth to booking a hotel, buying an airplane ticket and travelling many miles abroad to receive treatment abroad.

Popular dental implants treatment destinations

Because of the differences in prices many British people travel to Hungary, Poland or Croatia to save money on treatment and spend time visiting countries they had never been to before, enriching themselves culturally, all the while receiving treatment of the same high quality that they would have received at home. The same is true of Americans, who often eschew local dentists in favour of undergoing dental implant replacement combined with a holiday in Costa Rica, Brazil or Thailand, saving up to 70% of the cost of treatment in the process.

Depending on where you live, the most popular destinations for dental implants will be different. For example, UK residents often choose Croatia or Hungary, as these are low cost destinations. An American from US is more likely to choose Mexico or Brazil – low-cost travel, high-quality treatment and a holiday on a beach.

Here are some of the more popular abroad dental implant treatment destinations for UK and US-based medical tourists

  • UK: Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Mexico, Czech Republic, India
  • US: Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand, Malaysia
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