Are Dentures Right For Me?

If you are currently pondering which tooth replacement options is best for you, do not rule out dentures. Here you will learn about the benefits of dentures which are sometimes ignored by patients looking for teeth replacement.

Why are dentures a good option for me?

First of all dentures will work almost for any patient suffering from missing teeth problems. They are very universal and almost anybody is a suitable candidate. Secondly, they are much cheaper than dental implants. Thirdly they can be done almost immediately.

Many options

Going with dentures gives you many options and benefits. You can choose either fixed or removable dentures, the difference being that while the former is permanently placed for long term use (a dental bridge for example), the latter, which can be either partial of full,is removable.

Noninvasive treatment

Dentures are a great tooth replacement option for patients who want to avoid invasive procedures. Other treatments, for example dental implants, will require oral surgery. With dentures, no matter which option you choose, partial or full, no invasive procedures are involved. Dentures rely on the support of your natural teeth and tissue. If you are not a suitable candidate for dental implants, or you simply do not want to undergo oral surgery or any other invasive , dentures are a great option.

Optional Implant support

If you chose, you can get dental implant supported dentures. With dental implants acting as the roots of your teeth, dentures can be placed more securely, lowering the risk of bone resorption and taking the pressure off your natural teeth, prolonging their health.

Alternatives to dentures

If you still think that dentures are not for you and you are looking for something more solid and you want to replace your teeth as a whole (root included) then dental implants are possibly the best way to go. Dentures are safe and less expensive, but dental implants will last longer. If you do not know which is best for you, make an appointment with a dentist, who will recommend the best option in your case.

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