Are Dentures Safe?

Dentures are one of the most common replacements for missing teeth. They come in many types and are widely available. They are also cheaper than dental implants and they can be made very quickly.

Millions of people around the world use dentures, some think they are good, some believe they are unreliable and cause problems. If you buy the cheapest dentures available they will not fit properly and you will risk the health of the remaining teeth, gum tissue and jawbone

Proper maintenance

The truth is that many people who complain about the dentures do not take care of them as they should. If you want dentures to serve you well over time you need to clean them daily and soak then overnight in a prepared solution or special liquid for dentures. Taking good care of your dentures will significantly increase their longevity.

Good dentist – good dentures

The key to having safe dentures is to find a good dentist who will examine your jaw and mouth and develop well-fitting dentures. You can get custom made dentures which are significantly better than the standard ones. The dentist will measure your jaw, take X-rays and create dentures that will fit your mouth perfectly, staying firmly secured in their place.

Watch out for changes

If you want to avoid decay, gum diseases caused by bacteria or any other problems, you need to be aware of any changes in the fit of your denture. If you feel that your dentures are suddenly feeling bit looser, contact your dentist who will adjust your dentures for a better fit. Do not underestimate the negative impact loose dentures have on the rest of your teeth.

Daily routine

Some patients complain of sores and pain in the mouth caused by dentures. These can be avoided if you take proper care of your oral hygiene. Dentures must be removed, not only to be cleaned and soaked, but also for the health of your gums and muscles in your mouth that need to recover from the denture. A patient needs to massage the gums to stimulate circulation.


Dentures are safe as long as you take care of them and your health. Clean them, soak them and if you feel that something is wrong contact your dentist.

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