The Top Reasons People Choose / Don’t Choose Dentures

The most common ways of replacing missing teeth are either dentures or dental implants.

However, not all can afford dental implants and are afraid that dentures will fail as a replacement method.

Five reasons patients choose dentures:

1. The cost

Dentures are comparatively inexpensive. If cost is a factor and you need your teeth replaced fast then dentures might be a good teeth replacement technique for you.

2. Time

If you are in a rush and need new teeth fast, dentures can be made in days or in some cases in several hours. Just bear in mind that rushing to a tooth replacement solution may cause problems later on.

3. Wide selection

Dentures are available in different types and can be bought from a variety of sources. Of course the best way is to go to the dentist and get them custom made.

4. A proven teeth replacement

Dentures have been in use for many hundreds of years. Originally rather primitive, the modern custom made dentures are carefully manufactured, measuring the patient’s jaw.

5. Quick and easy

Dentures are made from widely available materials. They do not require imported materials or components and can be made on the spot and you can return to your normal life immediately.

Five reasons people don’t want dentures:

1. Not cost effective

As a quick solution, dentures might be cheap but in the long run they are not cost effective. Dentures are not as durable as dental implants and they do not last as long and after some time will need to be replaced. Dental implants may involve higher initial, but save money in the long term.

2. Less natural appearance

The appearance of dentures is not as natural looking as dental implants. It is easier to detect dentures than other missing tooth replacement methods.

3. Possible health hazard

Using dentures may cause bone loss, especially if they do not fit well. Bone loss may negatively impact your looks and you might need to buy new dentures.

4. Troublesome maintenance

For dentures to last they need to be removed and cleaned daily and soaked overnight. Dentures must be removed for the night to allow the gum tissues to recover and the gums themselves need to be massaged regularly.

5. Awkward moments

Some patients face embarrassing social situations when eating, talking or in intimate moments when the dentures click or slip out.

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