What types of dentures are available?

To meet the expectations of all patients dentures come in many types. Which type of dentures is the best for you depends on your individual circumstances. Below you will find most of denture types available on the market.

1. Standard complete dentures

Complete dentures are used to replace all of the patient’s missing teeth. Unlike dental bridges, which are supported on existing teeth, these are placed on top of the gums. If there are any teeth left, they are removed and after 8 to 12 weeks complete dentures can be placed.

2. Removable partial dentures

Partial dentures are used for patients who still have some healthy natural teeth. These usually consist of two pieces, a pink base and a metal attachment, both of which hold the dentures in the mouth. They can be conveniently removed for cleaning. Partial dentures are great for the remaining teeth as they prevent them from migrating.

3. Immediate dentures

These are dentures which are placed on the gums the same day as the teeth are removed. Immediate dentures are not suitable for all patients who may have specific oral or general health problems.

4. Custom dentures

These types of dentures are specially customised to fit your mouth to better resemble your natural teeth. They are very often are made with prosthetic teeth, which look more natural, but are significantly more expensive.

5. Implant supported dentures

This type of dentures requires dental implants to be first placed in the bone. Dental implants provide perfect support, firmly securing the dentures in place .

6. Overdentures

This type of dentures are removable and are placed on the gums and firmly held in place with dental implants. Overdentures can be used either for the upper or the lower jaw.

7. Snap-in dentures

This type of dentures is especially suitable for patients looking for stability and cost effectiveness. There are two ways for securing these dentures: by dental implants or by anchoring them to the existing teeth. Locator attachments are integrated into the dentures side and snap onto the implants. This makes them easy to remove. Patients without any teeth but with sufficient bone are good candidates for snap-in dentures.

8. Upper dentures

Upper dentures are simply dentures for the teeth in the upper jaw. If you are only missing teeth in the upper jaw then these dentures are a good solution.

9. Economy dentures

A cheaper alternative to traditional dentures, they have a less natural look and need a denture adhesive to properly fit the mouth.

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