Who needs Dentures?

Dentures are a good solution for missing teeth, however, you need to know however which type of dentures is the best kind in your situation. Dentures can be used either to replace some or all of your teeth and can be made from various different materials including acrylic, metal and nylon.

Who is a candidate for dentures?

Candidates for partial dentures:

An ideal candidate for a partial denture is a person who has lost no more than half of their natural teeth. A partial denture will cover the lost teeth, leaving the healthy ones uncovered. Partials will be precisely fitted into your mouth, supporting the health of the remaining healthy teeth and returning a natural appearance. Leaving missing teeth unattended can result in serious health problems for the rest of the teeth as they could start decaying faster.

Two main reasons for partial dentures:

– Getting older very often means losing teeth. If you have lost a number of teeth, you can fix that problem with partial dentures. Having dentures and taking care of oral hygiene might significantly improve the situation of the remaining teeth making them stronger and longer lasting.

– Teeth lost through accident can be replaced with partials, returning a natural appearance.

Two main reasons for complete dentures:

In cases of total tooth loss, complete dentures are used for replacement. Few people go through their entire lives without losing a tooth. If you have lost all, or almost all of your teeth, complete dentures are a great solution to bring back your smile.

  • Not taking good care of oral hygiene may suffer from lead to oral disease and a subsequent loss of teeth. In such cases, complete dentures will replace your entire set of teeth.
  • Ageing often means losing some or all of your teeth. Complete dentures are able to return a quality of life for many years.
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