Dental implants insurance and costs

Dental implant replacement is the best way to deal with missing teeth no matter the reason for losing them.

Here you will learn all about the dental implant costs and insurance.

It will help you estimate the approximate cost of your dental implant treatment and what can be deducted thanks to insurance.

Dental implant prices

The cost of dental implant replacement depends on the number of teeth to be replaced, any additional procedures needed, and the overall complexity of the entire treatment. Anterior tooth replacement is usually more expensive than posterior teeth replacement. The front teeth are more delicate and this procedure requires more precision and experience. Anterior teeth are clearly visible so it is very important that the aesthetic results are satisfying.

The initial consultation, the examination, x-rays and tests may not be included in the quoted price.

The implants used in the treatment could be coming from different brands and be of different quality and have different prices.

Depending on additional procedures needed, the prices can go up. For instance if the bone in the patient’s jaw is insufficient the dentist must perform bone grafting. Sometimes surgical extractions are needed and depending on complexity, vary in price.

The more experienced and qualified the dentist, the higher the cost. This is not to say that a dentist with lower prices will be unable to do a good job, but do be wary of prices that seem too good to be true.

One of the more significant factors on the price is location. Prices of dental services differ very much from country to country. In United States the prices are usually among the highest, while in Europe you could pay from two to three times less.

Insurance coverage

Depending on whether you have a normal or individual insurance policy, you will benefit differently. Most dental insurances cover only the basic dental care, including routine checkups and maintenance, basic treatments and some emergencies.

Some insurance companies cover dental implants, however most of them have a fixed maximum that can be given. Most simply offer coverage only for low cost alternative replacement treatments.

Medical insurance most often covers emergencies and some additional procedures such as bone grafting. In some severe cases, where the complete loss of teeth seriously endangers the health of the patient or is the result of a work-related accident the insurance may cover the treatment.

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