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Is it worth doing dental implants?

Dental implants replacements have been proven to be the best replacement treatment for missing of damaged teeth. Not only are they stable, healthy, safe and natural looking but also the treatment itself is very cost efficient. A lot of people opt for cheaper solutions, like bridges and dentures, sacrificing quality for the sake of lower expenses. Dental implants have better long-term success than bridges, which aren’t as durable as implants and require additional treatments, eventually exceeding the cost of doing dental implant replacements.

They say my teeth will look natural, how about smiling and eating?

The natural look and feel is a major advantage of dental implants. Dentures and bridges make it difficult to smile or to have a comfortable meal with friends and family. When using dental implants, with time, you will forget that those aren’t natural teeth.

How are dental implants better than dentures or bridges and other treatments?

First and most importantly, dental implant replacements are good for you. Dentures, bridges or partials are only a half-measure and using them for a longer period will cause harm and damage to your mouth and remaining teeth. Dentures and bridges need support from the adjacent teeth, making those teeth vulnerable to bone deterioration. Dental implants don’t need the support of adjacent teeth and additionally they preserve the bone and remaining teeth. Furthermore, they are more durable and with proper care they could last a lifetime.

Can I replace multiple missing teeth with dental implants?

Dental implant replacements are also ideal and recommended as the best solution for multiple missing teeth. Using dental implants in cases of multiple missing teeth gives the best results and restores your quality of life. If you’re looking to replacing all teeth, the All-on-4 method is a good option, allowing you replace all the missing teeth on 4 strategically placed implants.

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