Dental Implant maintenance

Having dental implants and artificial teeth does not mean you don’t have to take care of them.

Although the replacement teeth don’t undergo decay, it is important to maintain and preserve them because the gum tissue still can be affected by bacterial inflammation and infections. The importance of day-to-day hygiene, such as brushing as flossing is still an essential and there are also special tools to maintain dental implant replacements.

Check-ups at the dentist

As with of natural teeth, it is recommended to go for regular check-ups and cleaning at the dental hygienist. Some of the special tools a patient will be able to use by himself at home, but at during visits at the hygienist will be able to clean the patient’s implants with instruments that are very effective and safe.

A visit to the dentist helps to maintain the gums and bone. Examination of the gum tissue and some X-rays will help to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. The dentist will be also check if the implants, replacement teeth and attachments work properly and that they are firmly mounted to the bone. It is recommended to go for an X-ray from time to time and have this looked at by a surgical specialist to see if everything is in order.

Tools for maintenance

These instruments include scalers and curettes. Metal instruments can be used in natural teeth without scratching the surface. However, artificial teeth are different and using metal could damage them. That is why the scalers and curettes are made of plastic and resin.
Other tools include ultrasonic instruments. These minimize the damage done to implants thanks to tips made of nylon or plastic. Ultrasonic instrument uses vibrations of high frequencies. It can clean and flush out bacteria and additionally you can use antibacterial preparations.
There are also special brushes for home use.

Watch out for infections and inflammation

Bacteria on dental implants accumulates on implants, just as it does on natural teeth. To minimize the risk of infection, implants need to be cleaned daily. Infections like peri-implantitis (an inflammation around the implant) can have severe consequences, which could even lead to bone loss and the loss of the implant.

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