Surgical extractions

Sometimes dental implant replacement surgery is carried out when the tooth or teeth aren’t missing, but merely damaged.

This could be because of a fracture or the tooth could be decayed or sick. In such cases, before the dental implant can be placed, the tooth must be first removed. To do this surgical extraction is used.

Surgical extraction may be a routine procedure, but it requires an experienced dental surgical specialist who knows how to properly remove the tooth and prepare the extraction site for the dental implant placement, without damaging the bone or nerves. If the bone gets damaged the implant can only be placed after carrying out a bone grafting procedure. A bone graft accelerates the healing process and helps to preserve gum tissue. ,

Extreme care is especially important in removing and replacing the teeth in front of the mouth, as these parts of the mouth are particularly sensitive when it comes to appearance and aesthetics.

Thanks to precise surgical removal of the tooth the bone and gum tissue is left untouched and once the tooth or teeth are surgically removed, the resulting gap can be replaced with dental implants.

Once the tooth has been surgically extracted, the implant can be placed.

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