Doctor qualifications

You should be particularly cautious when looking for the right doctor to do your dental implant replacements as any dentist with a license is legally allowed to perform a dental implant replacement procedure.

This doesn’t mean it is impossible for him to do a good job but there is undoubtedly a higher risk for errors.

What you are looking for is a dentist who has gone through extensive training in dental surgery and has a wealth of experience in replacing teeth with dental implants. They should also have experience in repairing dental treatment that has failed for whatever reason.

It is very important that your dental implants are placed by an experienced surgical specialist, a periodontist or an oral surgeon. Unfortunately, many dentists perform dental implant replacement immediately after they completed an implant surgical training course. Training courses are a great thing but they will not prepare a dentist to deal with all the different outcomes. A dentist who just completed such a course most probably will not be able to handle complications. You want a specialist who has dealt with similar complications in the past and is able to carry out – successful treatment, even if complications occur.

Apart from standard surgical training, a good dental specialist should go through residency programs in a hospital and have anesthesia training. Surgical specialists go through more training than general dentists.

As a patient you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions about your dentist’s specialisation.

To know that your dentist is experienced enough to handle dental implant replacement, you should ask about any training involving dealing complications, how experienced is hey might be with bone grafting, how many treatments they perform annually and any specific training courses regarding dental implants.

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