Mini implants

Mini Dental Implants (MDI) are often described as a system of tooth replacement which stabilises dentures and are minimally invasive.

They are used in both soft and dense bone, which makes them practical in the case of immediate loading. The attachments can be customised, which makes them comprehensive. Ads and descriptions on websites and pamphlets often say that mini implants are great and affordable solution to denture stabilisation and that they have an advantage over normal dental implants.

According to many sources, mini implants are a great permanent solution for denture stabilization for a reasonable price. However, it is hard to find confirmation of these statements in documentation and scientific proof. Very often patients need further treatments because the mini implants have failed. In most of such cases, this was because the mini implants were used as a long-term treatment for denture stabilisation and they are simply not fit for such a permanent solution.

Mini implant origins

The mini implants are much smaller than traditional dental implants and that alone makes them less stable and too weak to take on the chewing and biting forces and pressure, especially for a longer period of time. Mini implants were created to be a temporary denture stabilization solution. Their initial task was to stabilise the denture so that the bone can grow properly around the traditional dental implant, which will be the main permanent support for the denture. Mini implants were designed as a support for the true dental implants not for crown and bridges or for long-term stabilization of dentures.

Patient experience

It is a common experience of many patients using standard dental implants that they give proper comfort, stability and support for the dentures. Even with only two teeth replaced with dental implants the support is sufficient, which means that they will last much longer than the mini implants. Additionally, the long-term success of traditional dental implants in stabilising dentures is widely documented, with mini implants having very poor evidence confirming long-term success.

If you are seeking treatment options for missing teeth or denture stabilization, it is essential to consult a prosthodontist or a dentist.

Only an expert on those matters will give you proper advice on how to approach the treatment and will draw up a individual plan for the best long-term solution.

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