Teeth in a day

Just one day?

In these modern times many people are looking for quick solutions to their problems, including those affecting health.

In most cases regarding health, especially oral health, haste is not always a good thing. Tooth replacement procedures are important, but not as a matter of life and death, not at least in the short term. There are however procedures that are advertised as Teeth-in-a-Day. Some patients would probably choose such services out of convenience. Who wouldn’t want to get it over with in one day? As appealing as it might sound “in a day” is not the full picture. It takes less time than a standard dental implant replacement procedure, but it does take more than a day.

The teeth in a day procedure

First the patient goes for the initial consultation, as he would normally do, where he takes the 3D scan. Then the model and new teeth are designed in a special software program. The planning part may take a while and after it’s done only then can the procedure be performed. After the planning, dentists have the possibility of planting the dental implants and the replacement teeth on the same day. So, while the procedure of placing dental implants and the replacement teeth takes one day, the initial consultation and planning takes time too.

Who is it for?

Although teeth-in-a-day seems to be easier and faster overall, not everybody is able to undergo this procedure.

First, the experts must check if your bone density is good enough to sustain dental implants and have the replacement teeth placed in the same day. It might turn out that the dental specialist will recommend different treatment options.

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