All-on-8 Dental Implants

Dental implants have become a very popular treatment for the replacement of single, multiple or a complete set of missing teeth. Unfortunately, replacing individual teeth with implants can be very expensive. The technology of dental implant systems, however, is evolving rapidly, opening new possibilities for patients with lower budgets, with new technologies and methods being introduced each year.

One of the options for dental implant tooth replacement available at a more affordable price is the All-On-4, All-On-6 and All-On-8 systems. All of these methods offer good support for your new replacement teeth, giving you all functionality and appearance of real teeth. Out of all of the All-On dental implant systems, the All-On-8 offers the best support and most secure fit, thanks its use of 8, rather than 4 or 6 implants.

The All-On-8 dental implant treatment reduces bone resorption and is completely safe for the patient’s health.

If you consider having All-on-8 implants done and desire to save up to 80% on your dental bills, make the appointment at reputable dental clinics abroad.

How does All-On-8 work?

The All-On-8 dental implants involve placing 8 dental implants in each of the dental arches. These implants act as “anchors” for a non-removable dental bridge. For a patient to be suitable for All-On-8 dental implant system he or she must have sufficient bone, and if the bone proves to be insufficient, there is the option of carrying out bone grafting.

The dental implants mimic the roots of the teeth which secure the structure of your jaws, supporting swallowing, eating, speaking and laughing. Thanks to the implants and the dental bridge your facial structure will be restored and preserved.

Why choose All-On-8?

  • The All-On-8 involves inserting 8 dental implants, providing the best, most secure fit out of all the All-On methods.
  • Remaining teeth do not have to be removed, if they can be restored.
  • A fixed bridge has the appearance and functionality of natural teeth, thanks to the use of such materials as porcalain or inert metals.
  • The cementation is permanent, so you do not have to worry about your bridge falling out while talking or eating.
  • If there is insufficient bone, you can undergo grafting before continuing with the All-in-8 treatment

All-ON-8 is a great alternative to individual dental implants for the replacment of multiple missing teeth or a complete set of missing teeth. All-On-8 will save you money without sacrificing safety and your oral health.

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