Complete Tooth Replacement

Consequences of Complete Tooth Loss

Losing all you teeth is not dissimilar to having a chronic disease. There is no direct cure for the condition and it requires managing in the best way possible so not to lead to more serious health problems. Complete loss of teeth is the cause of many problems, pain and lack of function being just some of them. There are many issues involved which decrease our quality of life and social life. Smiling, laughing and having a meal with friends could become a very uncomfortable experience. All this can lead to a loss of self-esteem. There were times when the only option to manage the loss of a complete set of teeth was dentures, which unfortunately was only a half-measure solution. This is because dentures can have long-term implications for your health.

Disadvantages of complete tooth loss

  • With time, the bone deteriorates, muscle don’t work properly and change position resulting in the collapse of the mouth
  • Smiling, laughing, eating and even talking in different social situations becomes an uncomfortable experience, which leads to decreased self-esteem
  • People with complete tooth loss appear to look much older. The chin starts to jut out in the direction of the nose
  • Lack of teeth significantly raises the number of wrinkles and accelerates their development
  • The mouth and lips start to collapse and shrink and look flat
  • Lack of teeth makes it hard to bite and chew. Very often the food is not digested properly because it has not been chewed properly which can lead to nutrition problems

Complete tooth loss treatment with dental implants

The best option of treatment of complete teeth loss, in most cases, is replacing the lost teeth with dental implants. Dental specialists, by replacing the lost teeth with dental implants, are able to restore proper function and appearance of the mouth and face. Even in most difficult situations an experienced dental surgeon is able to save the situation and restore the proper look and function of the jaws.

Benefits of using dental implants in cases of complete tooth loss

  • Tooth loss and using dentures causes bone deterioration, treating it with dental implants prevents further damages.
  • Dental implants give the patient his self-confidence by restoring the stability, comfort and proper function.
  • Dental implants stop the further development of wrinkles caused by the loss of teeth
  • The appearance of face and mouth is improved because the implants restore the lips and support the jaw
  • Normal nutrition and digestion is restored thanks to improved chewing and biting, which leads to the improvement of overall health.
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