Multiple Missing Teeth

Missing more than one tooth is a problem common to people over the age of 60. Losing multiple anterior teeth, posterior teeth or both is a serious problem. One of the most common reasons for the loss of teeth is decay. Other causes are fractures, failed root canal work and gum disease. However, losing anterior teeth is the most problematic and complicated because the front teeth influence our appearance the most. It is the missing of multiple teeth which is the biggest challenge.

Causes of losing multiple teeth

The most common cause of tooth loss among adults is periodontal diseases, unattended infections causing damage to the jawbone, causing tooth movement and changing the functionality of the jaw. Not taking care of periodontal disease often causes irreversible changes to the teeth which in such cases need to be removed.

Multiple teeth loss and its consequences

Missing multiple teeth might be the cause of severe damage and significant unwanted changes to the whole mouth and the rest of the remaining teeth. Not taking care of the spaces left behind by the lost teeth might cause bone deterioration and the remaining teeth migrating into the gaps. The teeth in the opposing jaw could also start moving into the spaces, eventually distorting the whole jaw. Missing only posterior teeth will also have a negative influence on the anterior teeth causing them to bulge out. The teeth that are remaining in the jaw will be worn out faster, accelerating all the dysfunctions. Eventually the whole jaw might start hurting and the whole set of teeth will continue to lose functionality.

Methods for replacing multiple missing teeth

The best option of treatment for multiple missing teeth is dental implants. Research and studies show that when it comes to long-term effects, dental implants have far greater success than bridges supported on the teeth. Even in potentially hopeless cases of multiple tooth loss, dental specialists and surgeons are capable of restoring the whole set of teeth and making the patient enjoy normal speaking, health, appearance and function.
In hands of a dental expert, dental surgeon, with implants a patient with multiple tooth loss is able to normally smile again. Replacing multiple missing teeth with dental implants brings the patient many benefits and advantages:

  • Thanks to the replacement of root, the dental implants are able to preserve the jawbone
  • Dental implant replacements will regain and maintain the functionality of the teeth and jaw joints
  • The teeth adjacent to the implants will be additionally protected
  • The patient will feel more comfortable and self-confident with the improvement of his appearance thanks to a natural smile
  • Dental implants protect the patient’s bite from collapsing and preserves the position of the teeth
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