Single Posterior Tooth

Lost teeth occurs among people all around the world, either as a result of teeth decay, failed root canal therapies, restorations, fractures or in accidents.

The most common cause for losing single posterior tooth among adults are multiple treatments, which eventually lead to the tooth being destroyed, either because of infections, decay or fractures. Finally, the tooth will have to be removed.

Posterior tooth replacement

It is commonly thought that, for aesthetic reasons, replacing a front tooth is far more important. People missing a front tooth are teeth are often very shy about their dental problems. When it comes to losing a posterior tooth, many people think it not a such big deal and sometimes they will continue their lives leaving the damaged or missing tooth as it is. However, while it is not a big deal aesthetically, a missing anterior tooth can lead to trouble in the long run. Posterior teeth are very important in the process of chewing and missing one or more might change the bite force, affecting your front teeth. The problems may compound and losing one single posterior tooth might change the appearance of the whole set.
Missing posterior tooth or teeth could cause the following problems:

  1. After losing a posterior tooth, the teeth adjacent to it start to migrate into the gap created.
  2. Losing a posterior tooth means that all the rest of the teeth will have to take on more bite force pressure.
  3. Neighbouring teeth will start rotating and their positions will start to change. This will lead to changes in the patient’s bite, and the whole set of teeth will become more susceptible to gum disease.
  4. The teeth from the opposite jaw will also start to drift into the created gap.
  5. All the imbalance and changes in the bite and jaw could lead to jaw pain, eventually leading to dysfunction.

Fortunately, replacing a posterior tooth is not as complicated as replacing an anterior tooth. If the posterior tooth had not been missing for a period of time, a dental implant is not a complicated procedure.

In cases where the tooth is damaged in some way, but still in place, it needs to be removed surgically. Posterior tooth removal is a delicate and precise technique. It is done so that the bone and gum tissue surrounding the tooth is left undamaged, which is necessary for the dental implant to have the proper support. In cases of larger teeth, like molars, the space left after their removal is also bigger. Which is why bone-grafting material is needed to fill the socket properly so that the implant can be placed. After a few weeks or months the dental implant can be placed.

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