Stabilizing Dentures

Problems of teeth loss and using dentures

Millions of people suffer not only from tooth loss but also the dentures that are used to replace them. The reasons are many. The complete loss of teeth and subsequent dentures may cause severe pain, as the dentures may not fit perfectly, causing functionality fails. There are other hidden consequences, for example, the gradual loss of self-esteem making it difficult for you to eat, laugh and smile.

Losing all of the teeth is a very serious health problem, requiring planning and managing of this difficult condition. Until recently, the only option was dentures, which gave functionality at a basic level and focused on replacement for the tooth or teeth, lost bone and gums.

Most often patients are much more satisfied with the upper denture then the lower one. Research shows that half of patients feel that there is a lack of comfort and functionality to the lower denture. This is mainly because of bone deterioration, caused and accelerated by the pressure from bite forces. When the bone starts to gradually disappear, the dentures start to loosen. Eventually the jaw loses height and the facial structures start to collapse. The bite forces affecting the lower jaw are stronger and so is the bone deterioration. The lower denture starts to become loose in the jaw much faster.

Teeth loss and using dentures consequences

  • Patient’s lower face starts to collapse gradually when the bone deteriorates, causing the muscles to shift position
  • Bone resorption is accelerated by the usage of dentures
  • For the dentures to be held in one place, very often adhesives need to be used. Adhesives use zinc and research shows that too much of contact with zinc may cause neurological problems
  • Difficulties in smiling, eating and laughing
  • When the bone deteriorates the dentures need to be made thicker
  • After some time the chin starts to jut out, pointing more and more in the direction of the nose which makes a person appear older
  • Because of the chewing problems caused by the dentures, the digestive and nutrition there may be digestive problems
  • More wrinkles appear, due to the changes in the jaw
  • Pain and bad breath

Stabilizing dentures options

Many of the problems causes by dentures can be eliminated by stabilizing them with dental implants. In cases of significant bone loss there is an option of using dental implants as the support for a removable overdenture.

Advantages of using dental implants for stabilizing dentures

  • Using overdentures on the support of dental implants will preserve the bone and prevent deterioration.
  • They restore self-confidence thanks to increased stability and comfort
  • Improves appearance and aesthetics
  • Better digestive health
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