Dental implants preserve adjacent teeth

One of the many advantages of having dental implants is the preservation of the remaining teeth. Dental implants are not only healthier for adjacent teeth, but for the whole set. In cases of removed or lost teeth, the bone starts to deteriorate and melt while the teeth around the created space start to migrate into the gap. This could lead to the corruption of the functionality of the whole jaw.

Advantage for the adjacent teeth

Unlike dentures and partials, dental implants do not need the support of adjacent teeth. Dentures burden the adjacent teeth and accelerate many unwanted effects, such as bone deterioration. Dental implants treatment replaces not only the crown, but also the root of the tooth, meaning that the adjacent teeth don’t have to be compromised.

If a patient goes for bridges instead of dental implants to replace lost teeth, they must take into account the fact that the adjacent teeth need to be cut down so that the bridges can be installed. The problems starts when the cement used to hold the bridges is slowly rinsed out. Because of this bacteria is now able to get under the bridge and cause decay, thereby causing the bridge to fail. There is also a high risk of decay reaching the nerves, which may mean that root canal work would be necessary.

People deciding to get bridges instead of dental implants, because of the higher cost of the latter, could also be in for a very nasty surprise. The form of teeth that were cut down for bridges cannot be restored and over time their health will deteriorate and be in need of further treatment. This could mean an expense much larger than dental implants. Replacing teeth with partials puts more pressure on gum tissue and bone, and as a result, speeds up the bone resorption. The resulting pressure causes the teeth to loosen and finally fall out. This creates a sort of vicious circle because the partial needs to be enlarged and additional teeth have to be burdened with supporting the bridge, and they also start to loosen and the situation repeats itself.

Protect your teeth with dental implants

Dentures and partials are only a half-measure solution. Compromising the health of other teeth is only a temporary method of dealing with the problem. Replacing teeth with dental implants means that no cutting down is needed, which results in healthier teeth. Only implants give you the feel, look and functionality of natural teeth, while preserving and protecting adjacent teeth. The fact that dental implants preserve and protect adjacent teeth has been proven over and over by many experts. It undoubtedly is the best and healthiest option of replacing missing teeth.

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