Dental implants preserve bone

Dental implants are not only a great way to replace damaged or missing teeth, they are also a great way to preserve and protect your bone.

Missing teeth is not only a matter of not having those teeth, missing teeth also means that the remaining teeth and the jawbone are in danger.

The lack of a tooth unfortunately causes the bone to melt away and deteriorate, leading to problems with the surrounding teeth and bone. It could also cause problems with chewing and speaking. Furthermore, it could affect your appearance and you could start to look older and this will get worse with time.

Getting dental implant replacement for the missing teeth could stop those problems and even reverse them. Bone deterioration stops almost immediately after dental implantation. Precise, experienced dental specialists are able to fix the damage already done with special techniques of bone restoration.

Dental implants are not exactly artificial teeth themselves; they are the posts on which the artificial tooth will be placed. Once the dental implants are placed, the process of osseointegration begins. It is the process of bone and dental implant fusion.

What makes dental implants better than dentures and partials, is that the implants preserve bone instead of slowly damaging it. Dentures and partials speed up the process of deterioration. Out of all the tooth replacement treatments available, dental implants are exceptional because only they have the ability to maintain bone.

Fortunately, it is never too late to have dental implant replacements. Even if you have dentures or partials, they can be replaced by much better, healthier implants. Advancements in the field of dental surgery and dentistry in general, lets the patient rescue their teeth and jaws even in seemingly hopeless situations.

Dental implants offer not only the possibility to replace the missing or damaged teeth, but they give durability, health and a health natural appearance and confidence.

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